Our Favourite August Activities Still Happening This Year

It’s finally time for us to reclaim summer. If you’re like us, you’re looking forward to everything this summer has to offer as live events resume. Whether you’re planning your pool party or going to the beach, you need to experience some of the live activities that are back.  

August is a great month to get out and about with family and friends. We have a special place in our hearts for Collingwood and the surrounding area, and we’re always on the lookout for new things to do. Here’s the collection of our favourite things to do around town in August.

July 30-August 2: Toronto Food Truck Festival

The annual Toronto Food Truck Festival is one of Canada’s best food truck events, and it is back for its 10th year this August. The festival is about more than just food, and so this year’s event will feature live music, a beer garden, and a kids zone. The highlight of the menu, however, is the food trucks, which will be on display at Woodbine Park. Last year’s trucks included such Toronto favourites as The Poutinerie (poutine), El Pollo Loco (Mexican street food), and Hot Indian Curry (Indian street food).

August 1-8: Toronto Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays are in the midst of a surge, with the team playing their best baseball in years. The team is showing signs that they have the confidence to make a serious run for the playoffs — a lot to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. Check them out on various dates this August at the Rogers Centre.

July 17-August 21: Theatre of the Shadows

Here’s a great idea: an outdoor classical theatre festival featuring female playwrights. Better yet, it’s all going to be performed in one of the best locations for outdoor theatre — the Kortright Centre for Conservation in Vaughan. The featured play is called the Unplugging. The showrunners have partnered with Toronto and Region Conservation Authority to present in a responsible outdoor and in-person setting for smaller audiences. 

The Vegan Market

Every Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm, Collingwood hosts a vegan market at the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay. You can meet and socialize with like-minded people at the market, learn about the local vegan community, and purchase all kinds of vegan products, from vegan baked goods to vegan homemade jam and vegan soaps. The market features vegan food and products from local mainly vendors. The market is a great way to experience the vegan lifestyle as well as support the Collingwood community.


Collingwood is a charming community filled with independent shops, restaurants, and businesses. A great place to live if you are looking to live in the downtown area with close proximity to healthcare and public transportation. As open houses resume, this August will be the perfect time to check out properties on the market in the Collingwood area. 

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Rainy Day Activities in the Area

Do you feel like there isn’t much to do because of the rain? You’re not alone. It’s normally hard to think up what to do when it’s raining, and it can be hard to keep yourself from doing the same old thing. However, things aren’t as bad as they seem. There are plenty of things to do even when it’s a rainy summer day—from painting to grabbing a cocktail!

Collingwood Museum

The museum is located at the replica of the 1873 Railway Station. It’s a self-guided facility, so you will have to venture your way around. Don’t worry, though, staff are present to answer your questions! Check out the website to see what current programs are running before attending. The admission fee is by donation.


Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts

It’s always enjoyable to peruse down aisles of art. Located in downtown Collingwood, the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts boasts the town’s best local talent. The Foundation aims to promote the arts by supporting local artists and providing them with resources. They regularly showcase art shoes and programs. 


Northwinds Brewhouse & Kitchen 

There’s nothing like a good beer at the end of a long day to escape the rain. It’s the best way to spend time with friends and family and give you that perfect sense of relaxation. Whether you’re there with a beer in hand or sitting with some locally sourced snacks, the Northwinds always have the ability to make you feel at home. 


The Candy Factory 

Made on-site, the candy factory boasts all sorts of sugary goodies, from chocolate to old-fashioned humbugs. Watch the candy makers at the factory make treats in person. This tour of the factory holds the secrets of how to make candy the right way!


Living Shore Spa

When it’s not the warmest day of the year, there is no better way to spend it than by getting pampered at a local spa. Not only will you enjoy a relaxing massage, but you’ll also feel totally rejuvenated afterwards, ready and raring to face whatever life throws at you. Living Shore also offers facial treatments, nail treatments, body treatments, and salon services. 


Seeing what’s on the real estate market is yet another rainy day activity. Check out some real estate properties here


Source: https://www.canva.com/photos/MADGvo7h-KI-photo-of-olives-on-cup-of-olive-oil/

Collingwood Olive Oil Co. 

Curious about trying different olive oils? Collingwood Olive Oil Co. carries them like never before. Head to the tasting bar to sample over 45 different flavours of international oils. Of course, they also have an array of balsamic vinegar. 


Georgian Bowl

Rainy days are a great choice for bowling. The weather and the activity itself can help you blow off steam and get you to chill out. Those who enjoy playing sports like bowling can find it’s the perfect way to get in some exercise. Bowling can be a fun way to spend a rainy day, spending quality time with loved ones and friends. The Georgian Bowl offers 12 lanes of 5 pin bowling, 18-hole mini-golf, pool tables, and more games.


Crock A Doodle Studio

Sometimes there is no better way to spend a rainy day than a pottery studio. No matter what you’ve been up to, taking a few hours to paint a ceramic mug or plate can be a soothing and rejuvenating experience. The studio is located right in the Blue Mountain Village.

4 Scenic Picnic Spots in the Blue Mountains

In Ontario, we have been fortunate enough to enjoy the many beautiful landscapes in the Blue Mountains. Perhaps you are looking to spend a day at the foot of the mountains and enjoy some of the fantastic scenery. Hiking, mountain biking, cycling, canoeing, kayaking, caving and horse riding are all great ways to sample the Blue Mountains, and there are so many beautiful places to choose from. Here are some of our favourite spots in the area to enjoy a picnic!

Petun Conservation Area

Petun is one of the most picturesque places in the Blue Mountains, with the highest elevations on the Niagara Escarpment. The name comes from the indigenous peoples who lived in the area in the early 1600s. The 100-acre area connects with the Bruce Trail, making this location perfect for a picnic pre-hike. There are plenty of picnic spots to choose from. If the family is up for it, there is also camping available.

Northwinds Beach

Georgian Bay is the perfect place to take your family for an amazing picnic. Here you’ll find the best beaches in the region, including beautiful, secluded, and serenaded Northwinds. With a range of nearby fresh food and mouth-watering desserts, this is the perfect place to culminate all your outdoor adventures. Take a picnic basket to the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake.

Craigleith Provincial Park

Craigleith Provincial Park is one of the most popular spots for picnics in the Blue Mountains, and it is a wonderful place to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. There is something so satisfying in sitting down to a tasty picnic, surrounded by nature, on the grass. With a wide range of activities, from relaxing walks through the bush to white water rafting and camping, there is no better place to escape.

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

The dense forest and cool winds that characterize the Escarpment extend uninterrupted to the edge of the Fern Cave, creating a landscape that is as diverse as it is beautiful. You can explore many trails and find jaw-dropping natural features like caves, trails, and gorges. If the family feels adventurous, they can try the zipline among the treetops before settling down for a picnic at one of the many breathtaking spots. 

What to Pack?

Do you need a list of what to pack for your summer picnic? There are just a few basic rules to always follow: don’t forget to bring your own dishes and cutlery, pack plenty of food and water, and bring something to sit on (just in case you can’t find an available picnic table!).

Whether you’re going to picnic on the beach, a park or even the city, it’s essential to have a well-stocked picnic bag with the essentials you need to make the journey enjoyable. We suggest hitting up the Collingwood Farmers’ Market to get all your fresh, local produce. 

The Blue Mountains is the place to be, summer and winter long. Check out these available properties in the area. 

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Top Campgrounds Near Collingwood

Ontario announced Stage 1 of reopening, meaning outdoor gatherings, non-essential retail, and overnight camping will be permitted. This also means, moving forward, campsites will be open —  and just in time for summer!

Camping is one of the greatest ways to spend time with the ones you love, and the Collingwood area is a premier spot for exploring. From the homes for sale to the local dining and shopping, Collingwood has it all.

From the wilderness of Algonquin Park to sand beaches along the southern shore of Lake Erie, Ontario has everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors. But before you pack up your tent and hit the road, make sure you’re prepared. From finding out which campground is the best for your needs to having the right gear to ensure your stay is safe and comfortable, read our picks for camping spots below and get your camping on.

Here are some best picks for campgrounds near Collingwood:

Craigleith Provincial Park

A short drive from Toronto, there’s a hidden gem of a provincial park just south of Collingwood: Craigleith Provincial Park. The park was formed in 1967 by Ontario Parks. Its 162 acres contain 172 campsites, perfect for camping, hiking, and picnicking. This park is one of the most popular parks in Ontario, with its expansive shoreline and variety of ecosystems all within a short distance of one another.

Holiday Park

Canada’s largest beach town, Wasaga Beach, is located on the Georgian Bay, a body of water that stretches for 14 kilometres. The area is famous for its beautiful white-sand beaches and the lively, dynamic environment. With an average summer temperature of 20° C and long beaches, this hamlet draws thousands of visitors annually.

New Lowell Campground

A family campground located within a short drive to Barrie, this expansive park covers 147 acres of land and 46 acres of lake. The lake, Silver Birch Lake, splits the park into two separate areas. The campground boasts many amenities, including a clubhouse, a beach house for teens, and paddle boat and bike rentals on-site. 

Note: This park is not for tent camping but for renting trailers and cottages.

Of course, there are many more wonderful campgrounds available in and around the area, all with their own charm. Which one is your favourite?

Perfect Flowers for Your Garden in Collingwood

Collingwood may be in a cool zone, but the right outdoor plants can absolutely thrive here. Collingwood sits in plant hardiness zone 5, which means any number of plants and flowers can be planted right into your garden. As long as you take growing seasons into account, you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choices. Here are just a few of the plants that you can grow in Collingwood.


Lillies are perfect for your garden in Collingwood

Lilies come in all shapes and sizes, from orange to yellow, to pink, to white. These flowers are an absolute magnet for butterflies and are a showy addition to your garden that will bloom year after year with minimal care. Blend together varieties that will bloom during different stages of the growing season, and you’ll have flowers from spring to the end of fall. 


Growing up to 12 inches tall, primroses are a popular flower both for garden beds and for planters. They’re extremely versatile and can be found at the edge of borders, adorning window boxes, and as a way to add a bit of colour to rock gardens. They require very little attention, as long as they’re not blasted by the sun for longer periods of time. Some cultivars are scented and will attract a number of beneficial insects to your yard.


Tulips are a classic, easy-to-care-for flower that can be found in plenty of gardens in Collingwood. They’re extremely easy to grow; bulbs that are planted in early fall will begin blooming as soon as the snow melts and it starts getting warmer. When choosing bulbs, make sure to pick ones that are firm; avoid soft or moldy bulbs.


Daffodils are the perfect edition to you garden in collingwood

These cheery, bright-yellow flowers are hard to miss in any garden. They bloom around mid-spring and look wonderful when planted in groups of ten or more. They return year after year and require very little care on your part. On top of that, daffodils contain a toxin that will deter rabbits and other rodents

Grape Hyacinths

These flowers get their names from the little clusters of purple “pearls” that grow all along the stem. They’re not too picky about where you plant them, as long as you don’t subject them to extremely dry or extremely wet conditions. As long as they get full or light sun, these tiny flowers will happily populate your garden. Just be aware that they spread very quickly, so you’ll need to plant them somewhere you don’t mind them spreading


These beautiful, dainty flowers thrive in Collingwood’s climate and require very little care after they are established. Named after the Greek goddess of rainbows, irises come in a fittingly wide range of colours, although it’s probably best known for its purple hues. They’re attractive to both butterflies and hummingbirds, bringing a number of beneficial pollinators to your garden. They’re an excellent companion for lilies. 

Plenty of flowers will happily grow in your Collingwood garden. Bring some colour and life to your yard with these beautiful, easy-to-care-for flowers. 

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Culturally Authentic Restaurants in Collingwood

With COVID-19 lockdowns extending to keep our community safe from infection, many restaurants have to remain closed for the foreseeable future. At the same time, families feel burnt out from the constant need to come up with new and exciting meal ideas for their families without the occasional break an outing to a restaurant can provide.

Fortunately, many restaurants can continue offering take-out and delivery services, including some culturally interesting options in Collingwood. So if you’re looking to try a meal from a different culture than your own, or just want a break from your own home-cooking, you’ve got some great options to chose from.

Baked and Pickled for Mexican, Breads, and Preserves

After multiple trips to Mexico, Baked and Pickled’s owner realized that the traditional flavours of Mexican food he had come to love were not available back at home in Collingwood. So, working with local growers, he sourced many of the spices and peppers—including Mexican Oregano, Poblano, and Guajillo and Arbol peppers—needed to recreate authentic Mexican dishes.

Choose from meat and vegetarian tacos, enchiladas, tortas, nachos, and more. Or, if you’re in the mood for freshly baked breads or home-preserved pickles and preserves, there’s something for everyone at this small-batch and friendly local establishment.

Fig & Feta Greek Eatery and Market

Growing up in the restaurant business with her parents in Collingwood, Fig & Feta’s owner has cooking and catering in her DNA. This Greek eatery and market currently offers pre-made Greek meals, house-made dips and sauces, specialty Greek products, and Beer and Greek Wine selection. The food here places a strong emphasis on authentic raw ingredients and unadulterated simple dishes simmered and seasoned with herbs and olive oil. Pick-up and delivery services are available.

Dags & Willow for Gourmet Cheeses and Catered Trays

Dags & Willow Fine Cheese and Gourmet Shop offers an extensive collection of artisan cheeses in the Collingwood area, as well as a wide selection of fresh and frozen prepared foods, breads and bagels, and many gourmet packaged goods for gifts or your own pantry.

Catering trays of various appetizers, salads, mains, and wines are available for groups of two to four people, providing your family with a multiple-course meal for special occasions or a fun backyard gathering. Their retail store is currently open, and they also offer curbside pick-up.

Sushi Hon for Japanese

Sushi Hon offers a modern approach to the traditions of Japanese cuisine by bringing Aburi Oshi Sushi to Collingwood. This dish uses binchotan—Japanese bamboo charcoal—to flame-sear pressed sushi with our signature sauce. Aburi Oshi Sushi elevates the flavours and textures of traditional sushi. Sushi Hon also includes multiple meat and vegetarian sushi options to their extensive menu and is currently offering pick-up orders only.



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Indoor Activities to Keep Toddlers Happy!

Indoor activities that keep toddlers happy are needed by many families now more than ever. With lots of spring rain still on the horizon and stay-at-home orders in effect all over Ontario, Collingwood families need indoor activities for toddlers that keep them and their siblings happy and let Mom and Dad get some work done.

While playing outside in the rain in May is manageable, the cool spring weather means that many toddlers will still need to spend a chunk of the day inside. That’s when indoor activities for toddlers will come in extra handy. Activities that are quick to set up with minimal supplies that keep attention spans for extended periods are even better. Here is a list of a few tried and true activities for toddlers that will keep the whole family happy this spring.

sensory bins with rice

Sensory Fun With Pasta

Sensory bin play is an easy-to-set-up activity that can keep toddlers happy for hours. As a bonus, they are also great educational tools for kids. All you need are one or two large bins, some uncooked pasta or rice, a funnel or two, and some large plastic jars. Add a few race cars or small figures, and kids will play and learn for hours.

If you’re able to add some cool water, the fun gets even better. Throw in some animal figures, some brushes and scoops, and maybe even some bubble bath or mild washing liquid, and your kids’ toys can get cleaned at the same time. Add some natural food colourings, and your kids will explore magical potions for hours. Sensory bins can get a bit messy, so lay a large tarp, some newspapers, or a towel down first to make clean up easier.

young girl playing in cardboard box

Box Decorating To the Max

In these unprecedented times, many Collingwood families are having their goods delivered directly to their homes. That means an excess of cardboard boxes! Well, we all know kids love cardboard boxes and art supplies and that the two go incredibly well together. So, to keep your toddlers happy indoors for hours, set out all the art supplies you own, such as stickers, glue sticks, construction paper, and if you can handle the mess, even glitter.

Let your kids decorate their boxes to their hearts’ content. You can create a theme—like animals or spaceships—or let them come up with their own. The bonus? Once they’re done decorating, their boxes will become their very own fortresses or racecars that keep the fun going for days.

young child playing with wooden building blocks

Create a Box City

More box fun! Boxes are incredibly handy and make inexpensive toys for kids. Break down some extra ones so you can lay them flat. Tape their edges together to form a large surface area. Draw, or have your kids draw, outlines of roads, buildings, fields or whatever they can think of to create a foundation on which they can build. Give them building blocks, toy people, animals, and toy cars and watch a universe unfold.






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How to Create a Family-Friendly Backyard

In response to the COVID-19 virus, many safety measures have forced kids to spend much of their time at home away from friends. With most extracurricular activities cancelled or postponed, kids need to have outdoor spaces where they can burn off pent-up energy.

Fortunately, public parks are open, and Collingwood does have an abundance of outdoor spaces. But, to follow the restrictions of stay-at-home orders, many kids will need a family-friendly outdoor space right in their own yards. So, to ensure they won’t get bored and dive back into their video games, create a family-friendly outdoor space with these simple tips.

Hang a Swing

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned swing for adding some simple charm to your backyard. Kids can spend hours on swings pretending to fly, and once they are old enough, they can even entertain themselves. In addition, swings are ideal for smaller yards that may not have space for a large play structure.

Set Up a Cozy Fire Pit

Fire pits are ideal backyard spots for spending some quality time with your family. Once you have a fire permit, cook up some s’mores or heat some weiners on roasting sticks. To make your space even more fun, pull out some soft outdoor cushions and blankets and get cozy on a cool spring evening.

Take advantage of the nice weather to stargaze with your kids and teach them some constellations. You’ll be amazed at how fulfilling and educational this is for everyone involved. You never know. You may even inspire a future astrophysicist!

Build a Dream Play Structure

A basic swing set is great, especially for a single child. But if you have more than one, a single swing could cause squabbles. If you have space, add some extra fun features like raised walkways and climbing nets. These additional activities will stimulate both physical and imaginative play and keep your kids busy for hours.

Plant an Edible Garden

Growing an edible garden with your kids’ participation is an excellent way to nurture a green thumb at an early age. Prepare the soil and plant seeds with your kids to encourage them to stay involved. Make a ritual of checking in on the plants for signs of growth.

When your fruit and vegetables are ready to pick, plan a menu with your kids that incorporate them into your dishes. If kids are allowed to pick some edibles and eat them on the spot, they will quickly gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the sources of their food.


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Visit the Best Beaches in the Collingwood Area

It’s spring, which means that summer is just around the corner. Early blossoms, green buds, and chirping birds all promise warmer days and nights are coming. To help you make the most of our short summer season, let’s explore the best sandy and rocky beaches in and around Collingwood. Hey, one of these beaches was voted as the best beach for swimming in all of Canada!

Sandy Beaches

There is plenty of gorgeous Georgian Bay sand and water for everyone, with three sandy public beaches and one private one for Blue Mountain Resort members.

Wasaga Beach

Located along the southern end of Georgian Bay in Nottawasaga Bay, Wasaga Beach is the longest freshwater beach in the world. With stunning daytime views of the rugged Niagara Escarpment, the sunsets are also breathtaking. Wasaga Beach’s warm, shallow water makes it a safe place for swimmers of all ages and abilities. With 14 km of sandy shore, this is a popular beach with plenty of room to remain safe.

Undoubtedly, when you visit, you aren’t going to want to leave. To explore some real estate options—to keep your options open—there are knowledgeable real estate agents in the area who would love to chat.

Allenwood Beach

Allenwood Beach is a sandy beach at the east end of Wasaga Beach. It has shallow waters, making it a safe and fun beach for the whole family. There are parking and picnic areas and stunning picture-perfect sunsets. For some exciting entertainment, watch the kiteboarders and windsurfers play in the wind and surf.

young girl in the surf at sunset

Blue Mountain Beach

Blue Mountain Beach is a lovely private beach for members of Blue Mountain Resort. As a member, you can rent canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards for a day trip on gorgeous Georgian Bay. With warm, shallow waters, come dip your toes or relax in the surf.

Rocky Beaches

The city of Collingwood has some gorgeous rocky shored beaches that also offer room for land-based fun in the sun. Check out these iconic beaches within a short walk, cycle, or drive.

Northwinds Beach

Northwinds Beach is both a rocky and a sandy beach, a short trip from Collingwood. Located just off Highway 26, this beach is very popular with kiteboarders, windsurfers, kayakers, and stand-up paddleboarders. In addition, this beach is a popular spot for beach-loving visitors and locals.

rocky shoreline and blue water and sky

Sunset Point

Sunset Point is a waterfront location in the town of Collingwood. With a beautiful rocky shoreline and waterfront trails, this area also offers broad green spaces with playgrounds, volleyball courts, and plenty of healthy fresh air. In addition, there are several flat areas for you and your family to sunbathe and swim in the fresh Georgian Bay waters along the beach.

When you visit one or all of these beaches, you will no doubt fall madly in love with Collingwood and the surrounding areas. However, if you’re interested in learning more about real estate in the area, contact a reputable real estate agent who will be happy to help.

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3 of the Best Ways To Enjoy Collingwood This Spring

While Collingwood has a great reputation as a top destination for those looking to enjoy quality winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, it’s also a beautiful place to be outdoors in the spring. With an abundance of breathtaking scenery in and around Collingwood, there are several ways to enjoy the outdoors in Ontario’s spring weather.

For example, you can take a different scenic walk every day for weeks without visiting the same place twice. This includes walking through the lovely town to window-shop or visiting a local cafe to pick up some coffee and yummy sweet treats for a park picnic. You can even go foraging for some delicious and nutritious edible wild plants, like maple blossoms, dandelions, and mulberries.

Let’s explore three more fun activities you can enjoy in this lovely neck-of-the woods this spring.


While much of the rest of Ontario is locked down, golf courses have been allowed to remain open. Fortunately, Collingwood and the surrounding areas have some world-class golf courses in gorgeous locations. Overlooking Georgian Bay, there’s the top-ranked and aptly-named Georgian Bay Club and, besides the mountain, the Blue Mountain Golf & Country Club. Additionally, visitors can choose between Osler, Monterra, and Cranberry Gold Resorts for some of Ontario’s top golf courses.

golf ball on golf course


One activity more and more people are enjoying is walking. With so many gyms and community centers closed, this healthy activity helps people expend pent-up energy and stay mentally and physically fit. Collingwood is home to over 60km of Georgian Bay hiking trails, including the Collingwood and Blue Mountain trails. Collingwood has even removed unused train tracks to create new hiking trails and welcomes walkers all year round.

hiking in the woods in the sun

Hit the Beach!

Although the spring may be a bit chilly for a dip, there are many other ways to enjoy a beach in and around the beautiful town of Collingwood. You could go for a walk along the rocky shoreline of Sunset Point, an iconic waterfront area in Collingwood. This beach offers lots of green space, playgrounds, and waterfront trails. Or, you could go for a paddle or try kiteboarding or windsurfing at Northwinds Beach, a very short cycle or drive from Collingwood.

If you’re interested in finding a home in this beautiful part of Ontario, there are online resources to help you save up for a Collingwood home. You could also contact a realtor familiar with the area — which also includes scenic Wasaga Beach — to learn more about what’s available for you.

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