A Brief History of Collingwood

Collingwood, Ontario is a beautiful town in Simcoe County. Just a two-hour drive from Toronto, Collingwood is a welcoming community, boasting an interesting and historically significant past. Located along Nottawasaga and Georgian Bay, Collingwood’s unique location means its been inhabited for centuries, first by the Iroquois and later becoming the first municipality in Canada to have a Heritage Conservation District included on the prestigious list of Canada’s Historic Places.

A truly unique town for its warmth, hospitality, and rich history, today Collingwood is a vibrant town attracting thousands of visitors each year. Read more to learn about Collingwood’s incredible history and why this town should be on everybody’s bucket list!


The First People

Surrounded by waterways used by the First Nations to travel across Canada, Collingwood’s central location made it an ideal settling ground for the Iroquois. Building a number of villages all around the Niagara Escarpment, whose natural resources later attracted European settlers, the Iroquois inhabited what is now known as Collingwood until the 18th century.

As European settlers began to arrive and the settlement grew, Collingwood went by a number of names, including Hurontario, Nottawa, and even Hens-and-Chickens Harbour as a reference to the small islands in the bay. Eventually incorporated as a town in 1858, Collingwood was named for Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood, the man who had been Lord Nelson’s second in command during the Battle of Trafalgar and who succeeded Lord Nelson in commanding the British navy after his death.


A Growing Economy

By the early 1900s, Collingwood’s harbour was booming and became the shipment point for goods travelling to the upper Great Lakes, Chicago and Fort William (now known as Thunder Bay). Consequently, for much of the 20th century, Collingwood’s economy boomed as shipbuilding businesses appeared to service the ships coming in and out of the harbour. During the Second World War, Collingwood’s shipyards were used to build warships for the Royal Canadian Navy and at one time employed as much as 10% of its workforce.

However, steep competition in shipbuilding made the industry unsustainable and by the late 80s, much of Collingwood was employed by manufacturing firms, many of which still remain today.


Modern Day

Well known for its stunning vistas and proximity to Blue Mountain, a popular skiing destination, today Collingwood boasts a robust tourism industry that attracts visitors year round. Full of incredible heritage properties that remain carefully cared for by residents, Collingwood’s rich history and commitment to its conservation is truly something to behold. From skiing in the winter to its Scenic Caves, upscale spas and Wasaga Beach Provincial Park (now a designated biosphere reserve), there’s no shortage of exciting activities in the region.

Well known for its stunning vistas and proximity to Blue Mountain, a popular skiing destination, today Collingwood boasts a robust tourism industry that attracts visitors year round. Full of incredible heritage properties that remain carefully cared for by residents, Collingwood’s rich history and commitment to its conservation is truly something to behold. From skiing in the winter to its Scenic Caves, upscale spas and Wasaga Beach Provincial Park (now a designated biosphere reserve), there’s no shortage of exciting activities in the region.



Whether you’re seeking a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, or looking for a place to stay while you’re in town, Collingwood is an attractive destination for families, friends, and couples. A truly quaint town that has managed to preserve its vibrant character for future generations, it’s no surprise that interest in Collingwood continues to grow!

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The Best Trails in Collingwood, ON

Collingwood is famous for its outdoor activities. With Blue Mountain and Georgian Bay on either side, there is an endless list of recreational sports to fill your time. But what if you aren’t into sports? What if you prefer a nice leisurely walk or light hike? Here is a list of the best trails in the area.


Pretty River Provincial Park

Part of the Escarpment and located 6 km southeast of Collingwood, Pretty River Provincial parks is a nature lover’s paradise. There no facilities and no camping permitted, so there is nothing but nature. The 6 kilometers of trails are on some of the highest points of the escarpment. Visitors can enjoy fishing, hiking and skiing. The area has a variety of terrains and users should be aware that some locations in the park are for more advanced hikers.


Harbourview Park Loop in Collingwood

Harbourview Park is perfect for a leisurely afternoon walk for the whole family. Starting on Birch Street, the trail goes all the way to Georgian Bay. Visitors can expect to walk or cycle about 1.3 km from start to finish. The trail is well maintained and has a great mix of trees, greenery, and flowers.



Kolapore Uplands Trail

Part of the Bruce Trail Network, the Kolapore Uplands Trail is quite long. Beginners should expect a challenge and bring a map. The trail itself is about 9 km, but in the winter it turns into about 50 km of cross country skiing trails. The trails are clearly marked and their difficulty is marked on the trail as well.


Western Circle Route

For the seasoned and ambitious hiker, this is a system of 6 trails that tour throughout the Collingwood area. During a hike, users can stop in at a number the local resorts as they will pass many. The total circle can take about 2.5 hours so visitors should be prepared. A map is also suggested.


Blueberry Plains

Described as an easy to moderate hiking trail, the trail is located on some very unique sand dunes. The dunes have been marked as a nature reserve. The area and vegetation are very fragile so families should be aware of that when walking.

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3 Tips For Staying Healthy in Collingwood, ON This Spring

After enduring a long, chilly winter, many people like to visit Collingwood, ON because the fun activities to partake in this waterfront town are countless. From fishing on Georgian Bay to hiking through the trails, spring is the perfect season to experience this incredible place.


However, many people often forget that it is easy to get sick during this time of year as the temperature is still relatively cold and germs are more easily spread. Anyone who wants to have a happy and healthy spring break should heed these helpful hints.


Tip #1 – Get Sweaty


Feel a cold or flu coming on? The best way to get better is to sweat it off. Exercising makes people sweat and, as the human body perspires, it can release toxins that are trapped in the body.


Not a huge fan of going to the gym or playing sports? Try going to a sauna or taking a hot bath. This will help the body release toxins without having to move a muscle.

Tip #2 – Take Lots of Vitamins


Many people in Collingwood, ON will take vitamins to stay healthy in the spring. These vitamins can help a person obtain nutrients that they can’t get from their diet. As an example, someone who is lactose intolerant may want to take calcium vitamins. Additionally, people who want to avoid getting sick should try ingesting vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc.


Tip #3 – Keep Things Clean and Germ-Free


During the winter, people are constantly spreading germs in their homes, at work, and everywhere else. Those who come in contact with these germs can become ill. At the first sign of spring, residents need to wipe down all of their belongings, especially the items they use on a daily basis. By doing this, people will be able to use these items without having to worry about getting sick.


Nothing is better than taking a trip to Collingwood, ON in the spring. There is so much to do and see that it is impossible to pack everything into one visit. However, anyone that wants to have fun in the spring needs to be healthy. Anyone who wants to stay healthy this season needs to get regular exercise, take lots of vitamins and keep things as germ-free as possible.

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4 Reasons to Visit Collingwood, ON in the Spring

The first day of spring isn’t far away. Because of this, many residents in Collingwood, ON are getting excited to take part in a plethora of fun activities. Collingwood, ON is filled with fun attractions all year-round, however, it is extra festive and eventful in the spring. Anyone who is looking for a fun weekend getaway this spring needs to consider taking a drive up to Collingwood, ON!

Reason To Visit In The Spring #1 – Absolutely Beautiful Weather


It is hard to find a town that is more picturesque than Collingwood, ON, especially in the spring. As soon as the snow melts, the town begins to come to life. Animals wake up from hibernation and the plants begin to grow. It is a gorgeous site that is truly breathtaking.


Reason To Visit In The Spring  #2 – Tons of Great Fishing Opportunities

During the winter, Collingwood, ON is an ice fishing hotspot. Additionally, in the spring, recreational fishers fill the shores of Georgian Bay and other nearby bodies of water. Georgian Bay is home to numerous types of fish, including small and largemouth bass. The nearby Lake Huron also has an outstanding selection of fish. Fishers that are willing to make the drive will find a number of great fishing spots all over the BruceGreySimcoe area.

Reason To Visit In The Spring  #3 – Picturesque Parks


What’s better than spending a spring afternoon in a beautiful park? The town of Collingwood, ON is filled with beautiful nature parks. These parks are the perfect places to get some quality family time. For couples, it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to enjoy a romantic picnic in one of these parks!


Reason To Visit In The Spring  #4 – Lots of Great Events


Regardless of the month, there are always enjoyable activities to take part in Collingwood. However, it is especially fun during the spring months as there is a more diverse selection of events to participate in.  Anyone who is thinking about making a trip up to Collingwood, ON needs to take a quick look online to learn about these fantastic events.


There is so much to do and see in Collingwood, ON, especially in the spring. Anyone who wants to get the true Collingwood, ON experience, needs to visit during the stupendous season. With the abundance of fishing opportunities and loads of amazing events, it’s easy to find a reason to visit Collingwood, ON in the spring.

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5 Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Collingwood, ON

It is almost impossible to think of a day that is more romantic than Valentine’s Day. It is one of the few days where couples can celebrate their love for one another. Thankfully, couples in Collingwood, ON have a never-ending list of romantic activities that they can take part in.


Romantic Activity #1 – Go Out For a Romantic Dinner


On Valentine’s Day, many restaurants in Collingwood, ON are packed with couples. This is because they offer a beautiful ambiance and delicious treats. Couples in Collingwood, ON have tons of amazing options to choose from. They can take a short drive to Lakeside Seafood and Grill, Memories or The Huron Club for a romantic night of food and drinks.


Romantic Activity #2 – “Bring Some Snow-mance Into Your Life”


Couples that love to ski or snowboard can have a romantic night cruising down the hills at Blue Mountain Resort. On Valentine’s Day, the resort is hosting the “Bring Some Snow-mance Into Your Life” event. Couples can hit the slopes at a discounted price and enjoy music on the Silver Bullet Lift Line.


Romantic Activity #3 – Spa Date

Nothing is more relaxing than going to the spa, especially when they offer massages. Relieve some tension with your loved one by going to the Scandinave Spa. Couples can go for a relaxing bath or a deep massage. Couples that want to be really pampered can purchase a package and experience it all!


Romantic Activity #4 – Walk Through the Trails


The residents of Collingwood, ON are lucky to have a huge collection of trails within close proximity. This gives couples the perfect opportunity to take a romantic stroll through the woods. Bring a camera and some snacks for a fun February afternoon. Not only are the trails romantic, but walking them can burn a hefty amount of calories.


Romantic Activity #5 – Stay In


There is nothing wrong with staying in on Valentine’s Day. In fact, many couples prefer to stay in; they can save money and spend some quality time with each other. Couples that don’t feel like hitting the streets of Collingwood, ON can heat up a bowl of popcorn and throw on their favorite movie.


Valentine’s Day is a magical, beautiful time, especially in Collingwood, ON. The streets are filled with smiling faces and there is a ton of romantic things to do.


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3 Fun Physical Activities That Will Get Your Body Ready For Spring

During the winter, it can get extremely cold in Collingwood, ON. As a result of these frigid temperatures, many residents may be more inclined to stay indoors. Although it is warm and toasty inside the home, staying indoors can turn people into couch potatoes.


There is nothing wrong with taking it easy over the winter, however, sitting around eating delicious treats can lead to unwanted weight gain. Many residents in Collingwood, ON like to do these physical activities to shed off this winter weight.


Physical Activity #1 – Skiing/Snowboard


It is common knowledge that Collingwood, ON is a short drive from the renowned Blue Mountain Resort. This fantastic resort offers a plethora of opportunities for skiers and snowboarders. Whether you’re hitting the beginner slopes or going for the double black diamond, Blue Mountain is the perfect place to go. After an hour of hitting the slopes, a person can easily burn anywhere between 300 and 600 calories.


Physical Activity #2 – Hiking

Although Collingwood, ON is known for its skiing and snowboarding, it also offers plenty of beautiful trails. A person can spend hours exploring these jaw-dropping works of nature. During the winter, a person can walk the trails or opt for some snowshoes or cross-country skis.

A 200 lb person can burn up to 550 calories in a single hour of hiking. Similarly, people can burn between 650 and 675 calories an hour while cross country skiing at 2.4 mph. That is a lot of exercise!


Physical Activity #3 – Gym


Those that aren’t fond of the cold may feel more comfortable going to the gym for some exercise. Thankfully, there is an abundance of great gyms in the Collingwood, ON area. After a month or two in the gym, anyone will notice some results. Match the hard work with a balanced diet for an even healthier lifestyle.


With Wasaga Beach just a short drive away, many residents in Collingwood, ON want to look good in the spring and summer. However, due to the frigid temperatures, many of these residents have a hard time finding the motivation to do so. Some fun outdoor activities residents should consider for exercise are skiing, snowboarding, or hiking along one of the many trails near Collingwood, ON. Those that prefer to stay indoors can get their exercise fix by going to one of the gyms in town. With all of these options, it is easy to stay fit in Collingwood, ON.


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3 Reasons to Move to Collingwood, ON

Ontario is an absolutely beautiful province filled with wonderful towns and cities. Many young homeowners are keen on moving to major cities like Toronto or Ottawa, however, these areas are quickly becoming unaffordable. Instead, home buyers may want to consider moving to smaller towns like Collingwood, ON. This quaint town is filled with fun attractions, activities, and more. Anyone who is thinking about purchasing a home in Ontario should take the time to learn all of the benefits of this terrific town.


Reason #1 – Great Attractions


There are so many things to do in Collingwood, ON that it is hard to list them all. Collingwood is on the eastern tip of Lake Huron which makes it easy for residents to fish and spend time near the water. During the winter, residents are just a short drive away from the beautiful Blue Mountain Resort, which is a major hotspot for skiers and snowboarders. Although it may be a little nippy in the winter, Collingwood is also a short drive from Wasaga Beach. This is a great place to spend a sunny, summer morning. There are also a number of events that take place in the town throughout the year. Residents can easily find the schedule online and make room in their calendars for their favourite events.


Reason #2 – Amazing Restaurants


There is no shortage of amazing places to eat in Collingwood. This town totes a number of great cafes, restaurants, and pubs that will a wide variety of delicious meals. Whether you are looking for a delicious plate of fish and chips or some tasty Mexican cuisine, it can be found in Collingwood.


Reason #3 – Beautiful Scenery


Anyone who lives in Collingwood already knows that it is a beautifully quaint town. Regardless of the time of year, the area is always picturesque. During the winter, the town is covered in a beautiful layer of snow that stretches as far as the eye can see. In the summer, the streets are filled with happy residents and tourists making the most out of the wonderful, warm weather.


It doesn’t take a real estate genius to figure out the amazing benefits of living in Collingwood, ON. This picturesque town seems to have it all: amazing attractions, quality restaurants, and beautiful scenery. It is the perfect place to start or raise a family; take a trip today and see the beauty for yourself.

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4 New Year’s Resolutions Ideas to Try

Although it can be difficult, many residents in the Collingwood, ON area will create a New Year’s resolution. For those that don’t know, a New Year’s resolution is a task or goal that a person sets for themself in the New Year. Setting a new resolution each year can be fun and extremely rewarding. The only downside to New Year’s resolutions is that they can be hard to think of. Thankfully, anyone looking for a big or small task can do some research to get inspiration for their own resolutions.


Get More Exercise

Many people will aim to get more exercise in the New Year. Although it is a common New Year’s resolution, it is an extremely beneficial one. Regardless of age, gender or health, it never hurts to integrate more physical activity into the day-to-day routine. Residents in Collingwood, ON can take a walk on one of the beautiful trails. Anyone who is craving an adrenaline rush can head over to Blue Mountain Resort for an afternoon of fun on the slopes.

Eat Healthier

Although it can be difficult, there is no denying the benefits of eating healthier meals. Cutting down on red meats and having smaller portions are good places to start. It also doesn’t hurt to replace that soft drink with water. It may be tough to get used to at first, but after a few weeks, this New Year’s resolution will have anyone feeling fresh and healthy.

Spend Less Time On Your Smartphone

This New Year’s resolution may not apply to everyone, but it is still extremely important. Many people will spend hours on their smartphone; whether it be at work, at home or on the go. Although smartphones can make life easier, they can make it difficult for people to focus on what is going on around them. This can make it difficult for people to social; it can also jeopardize a person’s safety on the road. Although people don’t need to completely remove their smartphones from their lives, it doesn’t hurt to spend less time staring at the screen.


Spend More Time With Friends and Family

Although this may be easier said than done, spending time with friends and family is a great New Year’s resolution. It may be difficult to plan, but seeing old friends and family members can help take a person’s mind off of work, school or life in general.

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3 Fun Activities for When It Gets Too Cold This Winter

As fun as it can be to frolic in the snow, when temperatures begin to drop below 0 C, there is no denying it can get a little bit uncomfortable. This is even truer when the temperature plummets to -10 C, -20 C and lower. When the winter weather begins to become unbearable, residents in Collingwood, ON will have to resort to indoor activities. Thankfully, there are a number of fun things that can be done in the home and in covered areas in Collingwood, ON.


Indoor Ice Skating


When the winter weather gets wild, it’s not a bad idea to pack up some skates and go to one of the indoor skating areas in the Collingwood, ON area. Collingwood residents can visit either the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena or the Central Park Area. Residents are welcome to take part in any of the scheduled events or they can take matters into their own hands and rent out one of the rinks. This makes it easy to put together a fun game of hockey or go for a relaxing skate around the rink.

Play Board Games


Few things are more fun than spending an evening playing a board game with friends or family. Although it may get competitive, board games are a great bonding activity and are efficient time killers. Many board games can take multiple hours (or even days) to complete, making them perfect activities for snow days. Those that want to get out of the house can check out Side Launch Brewing’s12 Days of Side Launch: Board Games and Beer” on December 18th. The 12 Days of Side Launch is a multi-day event that is hosted by the Collingwood Brewing Company. The Board Games and Beer event is a great opportunity to show off some skills and have a few adult beverages with some friends.


Movie Marathon


As the weather begins to get colder and colder, many people will find themselves becoming lazier and lazier. The activity for a cold, lazy Sunday is a movie marathon. Grab a warm blanket, fluff your pillows and grab your favorite snack. Those that aren’t a huge fan of movies may want to find a series that they can enjoy. Invite over friends or family members and let the good times roll, regardless of the cold weather outside in Collingwood, ON.

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Fun Activities to Do This Winter in Collingwood

Although the days are short and the weather is cold, there are a number of ways that you can make the most out of a snowy Collingwood winter. Ditch your TV and blankets and go outside and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

Skiing or Snowboarding

For those in need of an adrenaline rush, make the most out of the snow by going skiing or snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding are great ways to utilize the snowy weather and have a good time. They are fun activities to do with friends, family or individually. Collingwood residents are lucky to have the fantastic Blue Mountain Resort just a short drive away. The Blue Mountain Resort offers some of the best ski hills in all of Ontario. This makes it the perfect spot for Collingwood residents to get their shred on this winter.

Go For a Walk

There are few things more beautiful than a forest after a fresh snowfall. After a snowfall, be sure to take advantage of one of the many trails in the Collingwood area. Whether it’s a 15-minute walk or a multi-hour hike, spending time in nature is good for the body and the mind. Feel free to take a camera or your smartphone to snap some wintery pictures. However, be sure to wear the appropriate clothing such as a jacket, gloves and a hat. These garments will minimize the chances of getting frostbite.

Play in the Snow

Regardless of your age, it is fun to play in the snow. It’s a great way to get a bit of exercise and can be quite nostalgic. Gather up some friends and have a giant snowball fight. It’s also fun to build a large snow fort or igloo. If done right, you can even spend the night in an igloo. After all the fun is over, you can go inside and enjoy the warmth.

Even though it gets a bad rap for being cold and gloomy, winter can be one of the most fun seasons. It just requires a little bit of creativity. Anyone who is already bored of winter can hit the ski hills, go for a walk on one of the beautiful trails or play in the snow. All of these activities will not only keep you entertained this winter, but they will also help you stay active.

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