A Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Home in Collingwood, ON

Spring is well on its way in Collingwood, ON, finally. As hibernation period ends, it starts to become clear just how tough Mother Nature has been on your home over the last few months. With the onset of warmer days and the excitement of warmer temperatures, now is the best time to start that spring deep clean. Here are a few ideas to help speed up and organize the process.


Clean Upholstery and Carpets


The fabrics of your home have been collecting a long winter’s worth of germs, dust, and dried skin. Yuck! They will need a deep cleaning to prepare for the year ahead. The greenest way to clean these is with a steam cleaner. This is a non-toxic way to remove allergens and dirt from your textiles. If you are using a rented machine or are shampooing the fabric, make sure to use an earth-friendly product.


Wash Those Walls


Give all the walls, cabinets, and wood furniture a good wash. Believe it or not, walls can gather dirt and dust just like any other surface in your home. Use a sponge and dishwashing detergent. For the hard to reach areas, you can use your mop. Once you are finished, do the same with your baseboards. Not only will this catch the remnants of the cleaning you just did to your walls, but baseboards are also a breeding zone for dirt during the winter season.


Make Those Windows Shine


Windows are our home’s eyes to the sunshine. And after the long Collingwood winter we’ve had, it is time to make them sparkle again. One of the healthiest ways to get our windows gleaming is to clean with vinegar. If you don’t like the smell or prefer to use a cleaning product, aim for something organic. Don’t forget to wipe down the frames and ledges as well.

Inside The Appliances


Just like the rest of the home, winter can wreak havoc on the inside of the appliances we use. Your stove tends to produce more meals over the winter months, so it is time for deep cleaning. You can use a mixture of baking soda and water or the self-cleaning function built right into your stove. Take all the food out of your refrigerator and give the shelves a wipe.  Gently pull the appliances out from the wall to clean the back of them and the floors surrounding the area.


As much as we enjoy the Collingwood winters, the spring and summer are just as beautiful. Taking the time for a post-winter deep clean will help make these upcoming months so much more enjoyable.

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3 Tips For Staying Healthy in Collingwood, ON This Spring

After enduring a long, chilly winter, many people like to visit Collingwood, ON because the fun activities to partake in this waterfront town are countless. From fishing on Georgian Bay to hiking through the trails, spring is the perfect season to experience this incredible place.


However, many people often forget that it is easy to get sick during this time of year as the temperature is still relatively cold and germs are more easily spread. Anyone who wants to have a happy and healthy spring break should heed these helpful hints.


Tip #1 – Get Sweaty


Feel a cold or flu coming on? The best way to get better is to sweat it off. Exercising makes people sweat and, as the human body perspires, it can release toxins that are trapped in the body.


Not a huge fan of going to the gym or playing sports? Try going to a sauna or taking a hot bath. This will help the body release toxins without having to move a muscle.

Tip #2 – Take Lots of Vitamins


Many people in Collingwood, ON will take vitamins to stay healthy in the spring. These vitamins can help a person obtain nutrients that they can’t get from their diet. As an example, someone who is lactose intolerant may want to take calcium vitamins. Additionally, people who want to avoid getting sick should try ingesting vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc.


Tip #3 – Keep Things Clean and Germ-Free


During the winter, people are constantly spreading germs in their homes, at work, and everywhere else. Those who come in contact with these germs can become ill. At the first sign of spring, residents need to wipe down all of their belongings, especially the items they use on a daily basis. By doing this, people will be able to use these items without having to worry about getting sick.


Nothing is better than taking a trip to Collingwood, ON in the spring. There is so much to do and see that it is impossible to pack everything into one visit. However, anyone that wants to have fun in the spring needs to be healthy. Anyone who wants to stay healthy this season needs to get regular exercise, take lots of vitamins and keep things as germ-free as possible.

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4 Reasons to Visit Collingwood, ON in the Spring

The first day of spring isn’t far away. Because of this, many residents in Collingwood, ON are getting excited to take part in a plethora of fun activities. Collingwood, ON is filled with fun attractions all year-round, however, it is extra festive and eventful in the spring. Anyone who is looking for a fun weekend getaway this spring needs to consider taking a drive up to Collingwood, ON!

Reason To Visit In The Spring #1 – Absolutely Beautiful Weather


It is hard to find a town that is more picturesque than Collingwood, ON, especially in the spring. As soon as the snow melts, the town begins to come to life. Animals wake up from hibernation and the plants begin to grow. It is a gorgeous site that is truly breathtaking.


Reason To Visit In The Spring  #2 – Tons of Great Fishing Opportunities

During the winter, Collingwood, ON is an ice fishing hotspot. Additionally, in the spring, recreational fishers fill the shores of Georgian Bay and other nearby bodies of water. Georgian Bay is home to numerous types of fish, including small and largemouth bass. The nearby Lake Huron also has an outstanding selection of fish. Fishers that are willing to make the drive will find a number of great fishing spots all over the BruceGreySimcoe area.

Reason To Visit In The Spring  #3 – Picturesque Parks


What’s better than spending a spring afternoon in a beautiful park? The town of Collingwood, ON is filled with beautiful nature parks. These parks are the perfect places to get some quality family time. For couples, it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to enjoy a romantic picnic in one of these parks!


Reason To Visit In The Spring  #4 – Lots of Great Events


Regardless of the month, there are always enjoyable activities to take part in Collingwood. However, it is especially fun during the spring months as there is a more diverse selection of events to participate in.  Anyone who is thinking about making a trip up to Collingwood, ON needs to take a quick look online to learn about these fantastic events.


There is so much to do and see in Collingwood, ON, especially in the spring. Anyone who wants to get the true Collingwood, ON experience, needs to visit during the stupendous season. With the abundance of fishing opportunities and loads of amazing events, it’s easy to find a reason to visit Collingwood, ON in the spring.

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