3 of the Best Ways To Enjoy Collingwood This Spring

While Collingwood has a great reputation as a top destination for those looking to enjoy quality winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, it’s also a beautiful place to be outdoors in the spring. With an abundance of breathtaking scenery in and around Collingwood, there are several ways to enjoy the outdoors in Ontario’s spring weather.

For example, you can take a different scenic walk every day for weeks without visiting the same place twice. This includes walking through the lovely town to window-shop or visiting a local cafe to pick up some coffee and yummy sweet treats for a park picnic. You can even go foraging for some delicious and nutritious edible wild plants, like maple blossoms, dandelions, and mulberries.

Let’s explore three more fun activities you can enjoy in this lovely neck-of-the woods this spring.


While much of the rest of Ontario is locked down, golf courses have been allowed to remain open. Fortunately, Collingwood and the surrounding areas have some world-class golf courses in gorgeous locations. Overlooking Georgian Bay, there’s the top-ranked and aptly-named Georgian Bay Club and, besides the mountain, the Blue Mountain Golf & Country Club. Additionally, visitors can choose between Osler, Monterra, and Cranberry Gold Resorts for some of Ontario’s top golf courses.

golf ball on golf course


One activity more and more people are enjoying is walking. With so many gyms and community centers closed, this healthy activity helps people expend pent-up energy and stay mentally and physically fit. Collingwood is home to over 60km of Georgian Bay hiking trails, including the Collingwood and Blue Mountain trails. Collingwood has even removed unused train tracks to create new hiking trails and welcomes walkers all year round.

hiking in the woods in the sun

Hit the Beach!

Although the spring may be a bit chilly for a dip, there are many other ways to enjoy a beach in and around the beautiful town of Collingwood. You could go for a walk along the rocky shoreline of Sunset Point, an iconic waterfront area in Collingwood. This beach offers lots of green space, playgrounds, and waterfront trails. Or, you could go for a paddle or try kiteboarding or windsurfing at Northwinds Beach, a very short cycle or drive from Collingwood.

If you’re interested in finding a home in this beautiful part of Ontario, there are online resources to help you save up for a Collingwood home. You could also contact a realtor familiar with the area — which also includes scenic Wasaga Beach — to learn more about what’s available for you.

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Healthy Parks, Healthy People

Tomorrow, July 21st, Ontario Parks is giving free day use to all of their Provincial Park sites. You can head to any location where you can visit the park for free and take part in fun events. All of this is for their part in the Healthy Parks, Healthy People initiative, which urges people to get outside to improve their health. Healthy Parks, Healthy People is a worldwide movement educating people about the link between better health and a better environment. This free one-day event is just one way that Ontario Parks is urging people to get outside and enjoy everything that Ontario has to offer.

Wasaga Beach is a provincial park and they are no exception to the day’s events. Head to the Nancy Island Historic Site for a free day of exploring. The site is open from 10am until 5pm. From 11am until 2pm, you can take sailor’s tours, which will teach visitors about how Nancy and her crew helped shape Canadian borders. Visit the theatre and museum and then take a trip to the lighthouse to cap off the day.

Along with visiting Nancy Island, you can partake in another healthful event, occurring at Beach 5. Join the Healthy Parks, Healthy People initiative as they launch their Butt Free Beach initiative. We all know how disgusting smoking itself is, but pair that with cigarette butts in the sand and water at your favourite beach and even those who don’t smoke have a price to pay at our beaches. Cigarette butts are the most littered item on our Canadian beaches, they don’t biodegrade and often can’t be picked up by standard beach cleaning equipment due to their small size.

Wasaga Beach is staging a clean-up of all the butts at Beach 5 on July 21st, partnering with various Wasaga Beach community groups and organizations including the Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation, the Environment Network and Georgian Bay Forever, to get this job done. A free toolkit was designed to help the Wasaga Beach community and its beach become butt-free.

Research suggests that spending time in nature has immense benefits on our health and with our increasingly urban lifestyles, we aren’t getting enough time with the trees and the water. Nature Deficit Disorder is a real and harmful ailment that affects adults and kids. By keeping our environment clean and getting out in nature as much as possible, we can improve our mental and physical health. Whether you’re a resident or visitor of Wasaga Beach, you’ll have a fun and educational day.

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