Collingwood Wildlife: Try & Spot These 3 Animals

Ontario is home to thousands of animal species, and many of them are still active during the winter months. While you may be more inclined to go out into the wilderness during the summer and check out the different species, heading out into the cold winter air is a great way to have some fun and get out of the house.

If you find the weekends are slipping away and time is going by at a confusing rate, you probably want to spend your days doing something different. Getting outside, getting fresh air, and going hiking is an excellent way to experience some of the wildlife the Collingwood has to offer. Collingwood has it all, from birds to bears, combining both the luxuries of modern living with the wild outdoors.

The Majestic Snowy Owl

Many people are seeing snowy owls throughout southern Ontario, more so than in past years. The snowy owls are best seen during the early morning hours, near abandoned farms in the low-grown brush. If you go driving through the rural countryside of Collingwood during the sunrise, you may catch a glimpse of this majestic bird perching on a fence post. They are easy to spot against the sky, but they will easily blend into the surroundings if you’re looking at a snowy field. Make sure you keep your distance as many photographers venture too close and impede their hunting.

The Iconic Moose

While many people think they need to venture all the way to Algonquin Park to see a moose, there are some right here in your backyard. Moose are often present in bog-like areas and places where there is a frozen wetland, but some have been known to venture into suburban areas. During the winter, moose like to trek through areas where there is substantial snow cover. As moose tend to run hot, they enjoy the cold weather making them extraordinary wildlife for you to go and see. Even if you don’t see them on your first hike, it’s good to keep looking and make sure you always have your camera handy.

The Striking Bald Eagle

Bald eagles are becoming less common in Southern Ontario, with a majority being found near Lake of the Woods. The population in the southernmost parts of Ontario has significantly dwindled in the past years. Thankfully there have been some known to frequent Collingwood, but they are not common sightings. Bald eagles tend to perch high up in dead trees and often flee at the sight of any human activity. If you see a Bald eagle from afar, stay quiet if you want to snap a photo. As it is such a rare bird, it can be a fun challenge to try and spot one on your hikes through the Collingwood and Blue Mountain Area.

While this winter has been burdensome for many families with social gatherings limited and being stuck at home, you can still go out and enjoy the winter weather. If you set some wildlife spotting goals with your family, you can make it a fun weekend activity to get you learning more about the area.


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The Best Trails in Collingwood, ON

Collingwood is famous for its outdoor activities. With Blue Mountain and Georgian Bay on either side, there is an endless list of recreational sports to fill your time. But what if you aren’t into sports? What if you prefer a nice leisurely walk or light hike? Here is a list of the best trails in the area.


Pretty River Provincial Park

Part of the Escarpment and located 6 km southeast of Collingwood, Pretty River Provincial parks is a nature lover’s paradise. There no facilities and no camping permitted, so there is nothing but nature. The 6 kilometers of trails are on some of the highest points of the escarpment. Visitors can enjoy fishing, hiking and skiing. The area has a variety of terrains and users should be aware that some locations in the park are for more advanced hikers.


Harbourview Park Loop in Collingwood

Harbourview Park is perfect for a leisurely afternoon walk for the whole family. Starting on Birch Street, the trail goes all the way to Georgian Bay. Visitors can expect to walk or cycle about 1.3 km from start to finish. The trail is well maintained and has a great mix of trees, greenery, and flowers.



Kolapore Uplands Trail

Part of the Bruce Trail Network, the Kolapore Uplands Trail is quite long. Beginners should expect a challenge and bring a map. The trail itself is about 9 km, but in the winter it turns into about 50 km of cross country skiing trails. The trails are clearly marked and their difficulty is marked on the trail as well.


Western Circle Route

For the seasoned and ambitious hiker, this is a system of 6 trails that tour throughout the Collingwood area. During a hike, users can stop in at a number the local resorts as they will pass many. The total circle can take about 2.5 hours so visitors should be prepared. A map is also suggested.


Blueberry Plains

Described as an easy to moderate hiking trail, the trail is located on some very unique sand dunes. The dunes have been marked as a nature reserve. The area and vegetation are very fragile so families should be aware of that when walking.

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Fun Activities to Do This Winter in Collingwood

Although the days are short and the weather is cold, there are a number of ways that you can make the most out of a snowy Collingwood winter. Ditch your TV and blankets and go outside and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

Skiing or Snowboarding

For those in need of an adrenaline rush, make the most out of the snow by going skiing or snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding are great ways to utilize the snowy weather and have a good time. They are fun activities to do with friends, family or individually. Collingwood residents are lucky to have the fantastic Blue Mountain Resort just a short drive away. The Blue Mountain Resort offers some of the best ski hills in all of Ontario. This makes it the perfect spot for Collingwood residents to get their shred on this winter.

Go For a Walk

There are few things more beautiful than a forest after a fresh snowfall. After a snowfall, be sure to take advantage of one of the many trails in the Collingwood area. Whether it’s a 15-minute walk or a multi-hour hike, spending time in nature is good for the body and the mind. Feel free to take a camera or your smartphone to snap some wintery pictures. However, be sure to wear the appropriate clothing such as a jacket, gloves and a hat. These garments will minimize the chances of getting frostbite.

Play in the Snow

Regardless of your age, it is fun to play in the snow. It’s a great way to get a bit of exercise and can be quite nostalgic. Gather up some friends and have a giant snowball fight. It’s also fun to build a large snow fort or igloo. If done right, you can even spend the night in an igloo. After all the fun is over, you can go inside and enjoy the warmth.

Even though it gets a bad rap for being cold and gloomy, winter can be one of the most fun seasons. It just requires a little bit of creativity. Anyone who is already bored of winter can hit the ski hills, go for a walk on one of the beautiful trails or play in the snow. All of these activities will not only keep you entertained this winter, but they will also help you stay active.

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