3 Reasons to Visit the Bay This Summer

young girl in the surf at sunset

If you live in Collingwood or throughout other areas of Ontario, chances are you have seen your fair share of winter weather, snowy days, and cold, bitter nights.  When the sun comes out to play, and it’s good bye winter, it’s time to make the most of the summer days and soak up all the warmth you can.  And the best place to do this on the Bay! Whether you live right next door, or have to go for a drive, there are plenty of reasons why the Georgian Bay is the place to be this summer.

1.    Good Food and Drink

Any good day in the sun starts and ends with good food and good drinks.  You can pack yourself a picnic and enjoy it on the Georgian Bay trails as you take in the view from foot, or you can set up for the day on one of the 50 beaches and enjoy a classic blanket-spread-out-in-the-sand-afternoon, complete with your favourite snacks and drinks.  The real treat comes after a long day spent touring around Collingwood – walking along the beach, and taking in the great Bay views – when you settle into one of the dozens of patio options available along the waterfront.  A trip to the bay wouldn’t be complete without taking advantage of the incredible seafood and you can visit one of several local restaurants to sit outside, enjoy good food, good drinks, and good views.

2.    Exciting Events

There are several events happening in Collingwood and surrounding areas all summer long, many right along the Bay. There will be regular yoga sessions at the beach, where you can enjoy the view, while also improving your health. The Peak to Shore  music festival takes place July 4th to 8th, bringing in Canadian talent for a true, summertime experience.  If you want more of the arts scene, the South Georgian Bay Film Festival Gala overlaps, taking place July 7th – 14th, with viewing of films, and then the option to vote for your favourites.  And Wasaga Beach is the place to be to experience the lights and excitement of the Wasaga Midway, running from July 6th to 15th, while Jazz in the Park at Wasaga Beach will complete your night on July 10th.

3.    Active Opportunities

Summer is the best time to be outside, take in the fresh air, and be active! Not only can you visit any of the beaches, go for a walk or get brave and dive in for a swim, but Beaver River offers options for kayaking and canoeing, and many of the parks and beaches have trails for hiking and cycling. If you are looking for more of a team driven competitive way to get active, the Discs & Dunes Ultimate Frisbee Beach Tournament will take place on July 7th and 8th, with competitors from all around the province seeking to be crowned the Ultimate winner!

Don’t let summer pass you by without visiting the Bay and taking in the amazing food, events, and scenery.  Before you know it, Old Man Winter will come back knocking, so let’s get outside!