Tips to Becoming an Awesome Neighbour

No matter if you live in a detached home, an apartment, or even a townhome, you are somebody’s neighbour. While you do not need to become best friends with your neighbours, you still need to be friendly and neighbourly. Here are a few tips to help you become the best neighbour in Collingwood. 

Maintain Your Property

If you want to become a great neighbour, you must make the curb appeal of your property a priority. When you provide little maintenance and care to your yard, it can not only affect the appearance of your own home, but it can impact the houses around you. It can also affect the property value of your neighbours and can make their homes less appealing to potential buyers. Plus, nobody wants to look at ugly, junk-filled yards each time they step out of their front door. Maintaining your property is a great way to help your entire community. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money maintaining your property. A few simple tasks you can complete include: 

  • Water your grass frequently
  • Mow and trim your grass
  • Keep flower beds clear of large weeds and plant fresh flowers if desired
  • Trim all trees
  • Paint when needed
  • Keep the front porch area tidy
  • Do not leave belongings scattered around your yard

Set a Curfew

Do not be the loud neighbours that everyone in the community dislikes. While you can still go outdoors and enjoy yourself, be mindful of your noise levels. It is also ideal if you set your own curfew so you aren’t keeping your neighbours up until the late-night hours. This is a great way to be courteous and to stay on all of your neighbours’ good side. 

Be Friendly

You don’t have to invite all of your neighbours over for a summer barbecue but it is important that you are friendly. When you see a neighbour walking down the street, wave to him or her. Don’t be afraid to go up to your neighbours and say hello and to ask how they are doing. Additionally, by being friendly, you can get to know those who live in your community and can meet some incredible individuals. 

Watch Your Pets

If you have pets, watch where they may go when outdoors. Your neighbours do not want to pick up after your pet or have your pet trample through their flowers and garden areas. Train your pets so they stay only in your yard and provide certain measures to keep them secure. This will not only be beneficial for your pets, but your neighbours will greatly appreciate it as well. 

What additional tips do you have to be a great neighbour in Collingwood?