This Summer and Spring Avoid Season Allergy Flare-Ups

Lady suffering from seasonal allergiesAllergic Rhinitis. Hay fever. Seasonal Allergies.

Different names for similar symptoms, including: 

  • Persistent sneezing. 
  • Relentlessly scratchy eyes. 
  • A dry, squeaky sore throat.  
  • Ferocious itchiness, all over. 

It’s enough to drive anyone insane. 

Sigh. Or, in this case, wheeze. 

No matter how exciting it is to consider that spring is just around the corner, pesky seasonal allergies always seem to put a dampener on the fun. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re in good company, because so does nearly  25% of the Canadian population

Ways to reduce allergy Flare-ups this Spring and Summer

Help reduce the amount of seasonal allergy-related suffering this pollen-packed spring and summer by remembering to:

  1. Change clothing before you come into your home. That goes for shoes too! Clothing attracts pollen, and dragging it around the house on clothing only exacerbates allergies.
  2. Wash your hands when you come in from outside. What is a no-brainer task (for most of us) is a necessity for hay fever sufferers. Pollen can stick to your hands, and one absent-minded itch of the eye with a pollen-saturated hand can prompt some major suffering.
  3. Keep in mind there are two significant types of pollen trigger seasonal allergies: tree and grass pollen. Figuring out which triggers their allergies can help hay fever sufferers avoid the outdoors during pollination times. Early spring, in April and May, is when pollen counts from trees are the highest. June and July are when grass pollen takes over. 
  4. Check out these tips for keeping your house clean during showings; it applies to allergy sufferers too. As funny as comparing the two may be, eradicating pollen from your home is a lot like getting ready to have your home shown;  it boils down to diligence and a take-no-prisoners attitude.

This summer is uniquely challenging because we have to figure out how to sneeze into a mask, on top of battling hay fever. Just like sneezing before COVID, sneezing requires etiquette when possible.

sneezing in a mask etiquetteCOVID- Era Sneezing Etiquette

  • Stick with what works, which means many experts suggest it is still ok to sneeze into your elbow with a mask on. Just make sure your sneeze is as contained as possible and no moisture has gotten on your clothing. 
  • Try to keep social distancing intact to protect others around you. The idea is to keep others’ germs and particles away from you and keep your germs and particles away from others.
  • If the idea of sneezing while wearing a mask makes you feel like you’re“wearing your sneeze,” make sure you have backups. After a particularly juicy sneezing fit, find a place to switch your masks safely. 

Try not to feel too badly. It can be a harrowing experience to sneeze in public during a pandemic. Though we can’t see smiles with masks on, remember there are others around smiling at you, probably relating to the embarrassment you feel because they suffer from hay fever too.

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3 Fun Activities for When It Gets Too Cold This Winter

As fun as it can be to frolic in the snow, when temperatures begin to drop below 0 C, there is no denying it can get a little bit uncomfortable. This is even truer when the temperature plummets to -10 C, -20 C and lower. When the winter weather begins to become unbearable, residents in Collingwood, ON will have to resort to indoor activities. Thankfully, there are a number of fun things that can be done in the home and in covered areas in Collingwood, ON.


Indoor Ice Skating


When the winter weather gets wild, it’s not a bad idea to pack up some skates and go to one of the indoor skating areas in the Collingwood, ON area. Collingwood residents can visit either the Eddie Bush Memorial Arena or the Central Park Area. Residents are welcome to take part in any of the scheduled events or they can take matters into their own hands and rent out one of the rinks. This makes it easy to put together a fun game of hockey or go for a relaxing skate around the rink.

Play Board Games


Few things are more fun than spending an evening playing a board game with friends or family. Although it may get competitive, board games are a great bonding activity and are efficient time killers. Many board games can take multiple hours (or even days) to complete, making them perfect activities for snow days. Those that want to get out of the house can check out Side Launch Brewing’s12 Days of Side Launch: Board Games and Beer” on December 18th. The 12 Days of Side Launch is a multi-day event that is hosted by the Collingwood Brewing Company. The Board Games and Beer event is a great opportunity to show off some skills and have a few adult beverages with some friends.


Movie Marathon


As the weather begins to get colder and colder, many people will find themselves becoming lazier and lazier. The activity for a cold, lazy Sunday is a movie marathon. Grab a warm blanket, fluff your pillows and grab your favorite snack. Those that aren’t a huge fan of movies may want to find a series that they can enjoy. Invite over friends or family members and let the good times roll, regardless of the cold weather outside in Collingwood, ON.

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