Culturally Authentic Restaurants in Collingwood

With COVID-19 lockdowns extending to keep our community safe from infection, many restaurants have to remain closed for the foreseeable future. At the same time, families feel burnt out from the constant need to come up with new and exciting meal ideas for their families without the occasional break an outing to a restaurant can provide.

Fortunately, many restaurants can continue offering take-out and delivery services, including some culturally interesting options in Collingwood. So if you’re looking to try a meal from a different culture than your own, or just want a break from your own home-cooking, you’ve got some great options to chose from.

Baked and Pickled for Mexican, Breads, and Preserves

After multiple trips to Mexico, Baked and Pickled’s owner realized that the traditional flavours of Mexican food he had come to love were not available back at home in Collingwood. So, working with local growers, he sourced many of the spices and peppers—including Mexican Oregano, Poblano, and Guajillo and Arbol peppers—needed to recreate authentic Mexican dishes.

Choose from meat and vegetarian tacos, enchiladas, tortas, nachos, and more. Or, if you’re in the mood for freshly baked breads or home-preserved pickles and preserves, there’s something for everyone at this small-batch and friendly local establishment.

Fig & Feta Greek Eatery and Market

Growing up in the restaurant business with her parents in Collingwood, Fig & Feta’s owner has cooking and catering in her DNA. This Greek eatery and market currently offers pre-made Greek meals, house-made dips and sauces, specialty Greek products, and Beer and Greek Wine selection. The food here places a strong emphasis on authentic raw ingredients and unadulterated simple dishes simmered and seasoned with herbs and olive oil. Pick-up and delivery services are available.

Dags & Willow for Gourmet Cheeses and Catered Trays

Dags & Willow Fine Cheese and Gourmet Shop offers an extensive collection of artisan cheeses in the Collingwood area, as well as a wide selection of fresh and frozen prepared foods, breads and bagels, and many gourmet packaged goods for gifts or your own pantry.

Catering trays of various appetizers, salads, mains, and wines are available for groups of two to four people, providing your family with a multiple-course meal for special occasions or a fun backyard gathering. Their retail store is currently open, and they also offer curbside pick-up.

Sushi Hon for Japanese

Sushi Hon offers a modern approach to the traditions of Japanese cuisine by bringing Aburi Oshi Sushi to Collingwood. This dish uses binchotan—Japanese bamboo charcoal—to flame-sear pressed sushi with our signature sauce. Aburi Oshi Sushi elevates the flavours and textures of traditional sushi. Sushi Hon also includes multiple meat and vegetarian sushi options to their extensive menu and is currently offering pick-up orders only.



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Collingwood Restaurants on “You Gotta Eat Here”

You Gotta Eat Here is Canada’s version of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, where a host travels across Canada and finds amazing restaurants to feature on the show. The show airs on Food Network Canada and showcases the best restaurants in our country. Two restaurants in Collingwood have been on the show, showcasing just one of the best features of our town: the food.

Iron Skillet Restaurant and Pub

With an unassuming façade, the Iron Skillet Restaurant and Pub wouldn’t seem like it would be show-worthy, but that assumption gets proven wrong when the host digs in to some of the fantastic dishes available at this restaurant. Old favourites are the Iron Skillet’s specialty, with menu items that include jambalaya, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Skillet Southern Style Sweet Potato Nachos and Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding.

Since its feature on the show, a line-up is an everyday occurrence, but you’d be surprised to find out that many in the line are locals who eat at the Iron Skillet on a regular basis. Sundays mean kids eat free, which is just one more reason to visit this Collingwood gem. If you still need more reasons, there are daily specials like Monday’s $5 Margaritas and Pasta Thursdays where you can create your own pasta for only $11.99.

the smoke

The Smoke

As the name suggests, everything made in this restaurant is smoked – from the ribs to the pulled pork to the banana ice cream and even the fish. Everything here is made right from scratch and The Smoke takes the upmost pride in serving amazing smoked dishes.

Not only will you get the most amazing smoked meat, made in one of their smokers, the sides and toppings are also to-die-for. Try a cow meats pig sandwich with pulled pork and beef brisket (for one who can’t just choose one) with their house coleslaw and drunken mushrooms. Napkins are of course recommended for this dish. For a lighter meal, the homemade turkey burger is smoked for two hours then has a beautiful cranberry citrus aioli on top. It will feel like home. Share some pulled pork nachos with some of the great drinks on the menu. Hot summer days means catching some sun or shade on their large patio. You may want to make a reservation.

Summer is one of the best times to enjoy Collingwood, especially with food this good.

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