3 Outerwear Staples Necessary For A Collingwood Spring 

Warmer weather, rainy days, and muddy trails are just some of the things you will encounter during spring in Collingwood. As the beautiful landscape begins to awaken and plants start to bud, the weather becomes somewhat unpredictable, making it challenging to prepare for outdoor occasions. 

Having proper clothing to wear in the Collingwood and Blue Mountains area is necessary when planning outdoor excursions. Whether it is hiking along the Bruce Trail or scanning the springtime beaches for washed-ashore treasures, having the right gear will make you feel more comfortable. 

Check out some of the outerwear staples that you should keep in your front closet this spring. While the pandemic restrictions have eased up a bit, it is still essential that you gather with friends and family outdoors. Thankfully, you live in one of the best places in Ontario, where you can enjoy modern city amenities and outdoor wildlife. 

Without further ado, these are the outwear staples you need!

A Microdown Puffer

Having something lightweight and warm is critical during the spring. While the forecast may highlight warmer weather and sunshine, you may leave for a hike only to realize that you didn’t prepare for the cool breeze sweeping in. A micro-down puffer will be your best friend for this season. You can stuff this into your trail pack or even a small shoulder bag. You can even buy some with stuffing sacs, making for a compact and portable cold weather shield. While summer is just around the corner, you don’t want to be too underprepared and ruin your outdoor excursion. 

Merino Wool Base Layer

Layering is essential in the spring. Your temperature can quickly fluctuate, especially if you tend to work up a sweat with a bit of exercise and cool down quickly. Having a reliable and temperature-consistent base layer is the key to success. Merino wool is the best option because it is very thin and stays warm even if it becomes damp from sweat. It will not feel bulky underneath your other layers, and it will prevent you from getting a chill. If you like to wear lighter layers but still want to feel warm, merino wool should be at the forefront of your closet this season. 

Trail Runners

Things can get slippery in the spring. Snow will start to melt, and rain will pour, making grass and dirt trails mudslides. On top of this, the temperature can sometimes drop without ample notice, causing the wet ground to freeze, making for an even more precarious footing. Walk on a solid foundation with trail runners. These are lightweight and will have excellent grip so that you can zip through the trails without feeling like you are about to lose your footing and fall. It will also be better for your body as it keeps you from danger and ensures you are running in the correct posture.

Take the spring by the reins by preparing yourself with these three staple outerwear items. Having a lightweight puffer, a reliable base layer, and grippy trail runners will ensure you are ready to hit every trail in the Collingwood area with confidence. 

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Fun is For the Dogs in Collingwood

Is your best friend 4-legged with a furry body and an ever-wagging tail? If so, Collingwood is a great place to live, because there are so many dog lovers and fun places for dogs and the people they own to go.

Pawplar Park (also known as Dog Town)

Opened in May 2009, this off-leash dog park has been very successful in Collingwood. You can spend the day there, frolicking with your pups, meet other owners and let your dog get some off-leash socializing in. Located at the Train Trail on Poplar (“Pawpler”) Side Road, there is ample parking at the water pumping station. There is five-foot fencing all around the park, so your dogs can run freely without a chance of escaping the area. There is a double gate at the entryway so you can safely bring dogs in and out without any running out when you open it. Note that dogs are not allowed in the pond, as it is a water supply pond. You can use the area from sunrise to sunset and it is completely free to use!

The Bark Park

Located at 5 Elm Street, the Bark Park is a business that allows your pups to socialize and have playtime with other dogs in an open-concept setting. With 800 feet of indoor space and 1,000 feet of outdoor space, you can leave your dog in their doggie daycare for $15 – $25 a day and they also offer overnight care. When the weather is right, they even offer water play for the dogs who love to get wet!

On-leash spots

While many dogs love to roam and play, some love the comfort of walking on a leash beside their owner. Collingwood abounds with trails and places for you and your dog to walk, whether you are taking a quick 10 minutes or the entire day.

Heather Parkway

You can spend the entire day walking this trail that goes throughout the entire town. It is over 20 km, but you can make a number of stops along the way for drinks, food and rest.

West Circle Route

If you aren’t quite as keen as walking the entire town, how about 7.7 km? The West Circle Route follows the Georgian Trail and goes along the Black Ash Creek, so your dog can get a quick drink if needed.

East Circle Route

If you want a scenic route for you and your dog to enjoy, try the East Circle Route, which is 5.8 km and should take you about 1.5 hours. You’ll head along the Train Trail, the Pretty River and through Sunset Point Park. There are even interpretive signs that speak about history of the town, which is great for new residents or visitors of Collingwood.

Year-round there is fun to be had for humans and dogs in Collingwood.

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