Home Maintenance Tasks to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Whether you like it or not, winter is on its way. Snow, ice, and frigid temperatures will be here soon. This means you must begin now to prepare your Collingwood home for this cold season. There are several tasks you should complete around your property that will help you best handle the weather. Here are several of them. 


Turn Off All Water


When you begin to experience several nights of freezing temperatures, it is time to winterize your sprinkler system and water valves. When working on your sprinkler system, you want to blow out all of the water in your pipes. If water is left inside, it can freeze and cause extensive damage and many headaches in the spring and summer months. You also want to ensure all water is turned off around your home, hoses are drained and put away, etc. 


Check Your Window and Door Seals

Spend an afternoon inspecting all of the seals around your windows and your doors. If there are holes or gaps in these items, you can lose a substantial amount of your home’s heat. Luckily, replacing and fixing these items is a fast and simple process. If you find any areas of concern, grab some caulk and get to work. 


If the seals around your door are in poor shape, replace them with new weather-stripping. This is a simple and inexpensive fix but will keep your home warmer and help to cut down on your monthly energy bill. 


Clean Your Gutters


Cleaning the gutters on your home is often a task that is overlooked. However, it must be a priority. When leaves, twigs, debris, and other items are not removed, they can clog and freeze. This can not only cause damage to your gutters but it will not provide the proper drainage for your home. You may experience leaks, floods, and other water-related issues. 


Service Your Furnace


When was the last time your furnace was serviced? Do you diligently maintain it? The fall is the perfect time to conduct an annual check-up on this appliance. It will ensure your furnace is in working condition, help to catch issues early on, and it can decrease the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Regular maintenance will also help this large household appliance to remain in working condition for years to come. 


Seal Exterior Wood


If you have a wooden porch or deck, shutters, fence, etc., you must prepare it for the cold winter months. To do this, you should apply a fresh layer of sealant. This will help to keep the moisture out of the wood and will prevent rotting and damage. It will also increase the lifespan of the wood and keep these areas of your home in beautiful condition.