Where Can I Rent Winter Activity Equipment in Collingwood?

With the cold weather and snowy days, it can be hard to spend time outside. Luckily, Collingwood is near both the Blue Mountain Resort and Highlands Nordic, allowing you to get out, get active, and have some fun. However, to truly enjoy what these ski hills have to offer, you need the right equipment. If you don’t want to purchase the equipment on your own, several local shops offer rentals. Here are several of them in the Collingwood area.

Blue Mountain Resort


If you are heading to the Blue Mountains, you can save yourself a little time by simply renting all the equipment you need on the hill. If you want to hit the slopes quickly, you can place your order online up to five days in advance and all of your equipment will be ready when you arrive. For beginners, you can save a little money as well and choose a lesson and equipment rental bundle.  


Banff Sport Collingwood


Located at 279 Mountain Road in Collingwood is Banff Sport Collingwood. This sports equipment rental shop has all you need to enjoy the hills no matter if you are skiing or snowboarding. You can choose from both ski or snowboarding packages, as well as kids’ ski packages. Additionally, if you own your equipment and it could use a little tune-up before you hit the slopes or after a long day on the hills, Banff Sport Collingwood offers these services as well. 


Kamikaze Bikes


If you love to get out and explore on your bike, you don’t have to let the winter keep you indoors. Head around town or out in the mountains on a fat bike. The large tires make it easy and enjoyable to travel across snow and rough terrain. Plus, at Kamikaze Bikes, you can rent a fat bike like a Trek Farley for just $50 a day. 


Alpine Sports


No matter what you want to do outdoors, Alpine Sports has what you need. This shop has everything from snowboards and skis to snowshoes and various winter clothing. For example, you can rent snow pants, jackets, gloves, and goggles for your daily adventure. You can easily outfit every member of your family at this shop as they have items from kids to adults. In addition, you can rent items by the day or there are multi-day packages available as well.