Tips to Spruce Up Your Collingwood Home’s Landscaping

Warm weather is finally here and that means it is time to get outdoors and start sprucing up your Collingwood home’s landscaping. Not only does a beautiful and well-maintained yard boost your Collingwood home’s curb appeal, but it will increase its property value as well. 

Here are just a few simple ways that you can spruce up your Collingwood home’s landscaping. 

Focus on the Essentials

If you hate working out in the yard, that’s okay. However, this doesn’t mean you can ignore many outdoor tasks. You should still complete projects such as watering the grass, mowing, weeding, etc. These are tasks that will help keep your yard well maintained and healthy. Additionally, depending on the size of your yard, these tasks shouldn’t take too much time to complete. It is best to schedule a certain time each week, such as a Saturday morning or a Wednesday evening, that you set aside to focus on these essential landscaping tasks. 

Aerate and Reseed

Thick, luscious grass often doesn’t grow on its own. You may need to complete a few extra steps to breathe new life into your lawn and to help it grow well. Aerating and reseeding are two steps you can complete during the spring months to give your grass an extra boost. Aerating is when you make small holes throughout your grass. This allows for additional moisture and oxygen to reach your grass’s roots. You can aerate by using a pitchfork or an aerating machine. 

When reseeding, you simply spread grass seed throughout your current grass. This is particularly important in those areas where the grass is thin. You do not have to do too much extra work when reseeding. Cut your grass so it is very short, lay down the seeds, and water. The seed does not have to be buried in the dirt for it to grow. Rather, it simply needs to come in contact with the soil for it to germinate. 


Do you have snow shovels sitting on the side of your house? What about bicycles, gardening tools, and other items lying around? If you want your home’s landscaping to look good, you must declutter. You must remove all eyesores that take away from the beauty of your yard. Spend some time organizing these items or donating them if you do not use them anymore. You may consider installing a small shed on the side of your Collingwood home to store many of these outdoor items and to offer an extra level of protection for them as well. 

Turn On Your Sprinkler System

If your Collingwood house has a sprinkler system, have you turned yours on yet? You can turn on your sprinkler system when freezing nights are sparse. Your sprinklers are an excellent way to keep your grass green and to prevent manually watering all of your plants and flowers every day. If you have any problems with your sprinkler system, call a Collingwood company that works with sprinkler installation or repair to prevent potential damage to your pipes and sprinkler heads.