TEDx Collingwood

For anybody who has gone online and listened to a TED talk, you know how inspiring, raw, and uplifting they can be, speaking real truth from the heart that pushes into your own heart in return. And if you like what you hear online and finish every talk with a new outlook on life, imagine what it would be like to see it in person in your own community.

TEDx is a variation on TED talks which is constituted by an independently organized TED event. In other words, a particular area, town, organization or group decide they want to have a TED event and then organize it on their own, creating a unique TEDx experience.

The city of Collingwood first hosted and organized a TEDx event in 2017, to an overwhelming amount of support. The interest and enthusiasm from the residents of the city and from all across Ontario and further allowed thousands of people to come together to learn, support and educate each other through this powerful experience. The event showcased 13 speakers who presented on everything from money and rights, to tech startups, having less food and spending time in jail. The information was invigorating, the stories inspiring, and the interaction and support of a community rousing and stimulating.

And this year Collingwood will do it all over again.On October 5th, taking place downtown at the Gayety Theatre, the city will play host to a growing number of speakers, including entrepreneurs, mental health experts, artists, performers and more. Organized by a group of three entrepreneurs from the city, these three go-getters are working to create a conference experience, open to everyone, that aims to “inspire conversation.”

The theme for the conference is Pause for Perspective, with the hope that the conference and theme will help advance entrepreneurial energy and support in Collingwood, boosting the entrepreneurial spirit. As entrepreneurs themselves, the three organizers know the hustle all too well, but indicate that as a curious, progressive city, that is always looking for new information, TEDx and a supportive theme present an incredible opportunity to inspire minds while supporting the community and it’s inspiring people.

While speaker applications have closed, there are still options to apply to be a volunteer at the event, and of course tickets are on sale for purchase. Book soon however, as the event is sure to sell out and is one you don’t want to miss.

If you aren’t familiar with the TED series, one inspiring talk later and you’ll be hooked. Start your TED journey by looking up videos to watch online, and then get ready to learn, grow, laugh and cry. Don’t delay: get your tickets now to attend the 2018 TEDx conference in the heart of Collingwood, supporting your community and learning at the same time.