Virtual School Is In Session: 3 Tips For Parents

With pandemic restrictions in full effect and virtual classes becoming the new normal, you may be having difficulty keeping your child on task during the day. As there are so many distractions around the house and possibly other people working from home, it can be complicated for your child to stay engaged with their teachers while also taking full advantage of the class.

If you have multiple children, you may find it even more challenging with everyone in class simultaneously. It can be draining trying to keep an eye on everyone to make sure they are on task.

Outlined below are some tips for you and your family to make virtual school a little easier. While most schools in Ontario are currently online, these tips will help ease the coming months as everyone hopes for a return to regularity in the future.

Limit Distractions

Even though most children have smartphones these days, it doesn’t mean that they need to have access to the smartphone at all hours of the day. During school time, their phone use should be limited, as it is a significant distractor. By having your child give you their phone at the beginning of the day, you will notice they are much more likely to stay focused during school hours. You can also put parental controls on their school computer to prevent them from visiting websites online throughout their day.

Create Learning Spaces

Creating learning spaces is an ideal tactic for parents of children in virtual schools. Having a space dedicated to their school will help them differentiate between home and school life. If you have multiple children, you should make sure there are clear boundaries between their spaces, as listening to someone else’s lesson can be a distraction. If there is not enough room in your home, opt for headphones or room dividers. You can even have each of your children personalize their space as they would their desk at a school.

Start & End The Day Outside

With the transition to virtual classes, one thing missing from everyone’s life is the commute. While a commute can be arduous, it is sometimes a great way to prepare for the day mentally. Start your day outside with your kids, before their classes start, by going on a brisk walk around your neighborhood. You can do the same in the evening. Through this exercise, you can help them prep for class and wind down after a day online.

Adjusting to the new normal will not be easy, and many teachers and parents are struggling now more than ever. Learning from home presents many hurdles. There are tons of distractions from phones to other family members, and staying engaged with a talking screen all day is not an easy task. With the three tips outlined below, you can attempt to ease the school days. Hopefully, by next September, virtual classes become a thing of the past, and you can get back to your standard way of life.


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5 Best Activities for Kids in Collingwood

Collingwood is a truly family-friendly town and there is so much for kids to do. Even though the median age is 41 years old, with about 20% of the population under 20, Collingwood still caters to what kids love.

The Farmer’s Pantry

Not only a farm full of apple orchards, pick-your-own raspberries and pumpkins, The Farmer’s Pantry has a variety of fun activities for active kids. Open all summer until Halloween, they’ve got a mini putt, rope maze, cedar maze, pony rides, sand mountain and a wildlife centre. Their Candy Apple Clinic is also very well attended.

Timber Challenge High Ropes

Located at our beautiful local gem, Blue Mountain, ages 10 and up can make their way through the timber ropes challenges. Open from May to November, this is a fantastic spot to drop the teens and tweens for a day of conquering fears and having fun.

Woodlot Low Ropes

Younger kids aged six and up will love the same challenges that their older siblings get on the high ropes, this time on the low ropes. With ropes, logs, beams, cables and more, your child will learn how to navigate the world from the ropes above. Fun for the entire day or just for an hour, this is the perfect spot to bring kids of all ages.

high ropes

Crock a Doodle Studio

Also located at Blue Mountain, Crock a Doodle is for the creative kids who like to get their hands dirty. Paint your own pottery for a day out with mom, for older kids on their own or as a birthday party idea. Even babies and toddlers can join in on the fun with hand and foot print making and early artwork pieces.

Collingwood Circus Club

For those high-flying kids with limitless energy, the Collingwood Circus Club has just the solution. Aerial classes, circus kid’s classes, drop-ins and so much more, your kids and you will have a lot of fun at the Collingwood Circus Club. With everything from aerial silks, hoops, the trapeze, hula hoop and more, this place has some great options for exercise and fun and you can also hire a professional for a birthday party.

Heritage Park

Not any ordinary park, Heritage Park in Collingwood offers soccer, baseball, an outdoor pool plus a skateboard and BMX park. Go for a picnic or spend the day lounging in this large park. Older kids often enjoy spending the day at Heritage Park with their sports equipment, bikes and skateboards.

With so much for kids to do in Collingwood, it is no wonder so many families are making it their home.

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