New Additions to Collingwood

With the summer season, also comes the season of construction, but for many, that isn’t a bad thing. In Collingwood, there are a number of new and interesting developments that will only make the city a better place to live, work and play. From something for the kids to something for the adults, here are some of the best new construction projects happening in the Collingwood area!

New skateboard and BMX park

The kids are going to love the newest addition to Heritage Park in Collingwood, with construction to be completed by October. The ground was broken just a few days ago in anticipation of the building of the skate park. The cost is approximately $300,000 but will provide area teens with a fun, safe and interesting place to hang out and practice their tricks.

New paramedic station

With the increase in population in Collingwood, the current paramedic station built above a garage wasn’t adequate. A new 5,900 square foot facility will be built at the corner of Ontario and St. Paul streets and will include five garage bays and be fully accessible. The cost will be $3.6 million for the new station, including the land and it will be completed by the fall of 2018.

New condominium complex

The former Admiral Collingwood school site will now be a condominium and commercial complex. The property, located at the corner of Hume and Hurontario streets has been through a lot of hand-wringing and finally has a plan. The development will include unique and upscale condos, with construction set to start in 2018 and occupancy to be available in 2019.

Collingwood’s Harbourfront Plan

While it is going to take many years to come fully into fruition, Collingwood’s Harbourfront Plan is definitely a huge boon to the city. You can expect to see new pavilions in Harbourview Park, a non-motorized boating hub, cafe, skater’s lounge, skating trail, splash pad and more in the next few years. Sunset Park will also see some major developments with a new EnviroPark.

Whether you are just looking to visit Collingwood, or want to come here to stay, these major developments are helping to make our town a wonderful place to live and play.

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Collingwood’s Waterfront Plan

With so much growth in Collingwood, it was only a matter of time before a master waterfront plan was put into place. Expected to cost about $50 million, it will be built over the next seventeen years in three phases.

Phase one

The first phase is going to cost about $20 million and will focus on the projects that will have the greatest impact in the community. Harbourview Park will be getting an 8,000 square foot pavilion and a non-motorized boating hub. There will be a café, skater’s lounge and boat storage. As well, the community will be thrilled with the new skating trail and splash pad that will be located there.

The second part of phase one will also see maintenance and servicing on Heritage Drive and the boardwalks that span the east and west side of Collingwood’s waterfront. Sunset Point will be getting a new EnviroPark.

Phase two

Phase two will take five years to complete, starting in 2023 and cost $22 million. Catering to the needs of boaters, this phase will include the building of a Marina Services building that will house and support local and transient boaters. A restaurant and more local shops will be added at what will be called Watt’s Wharf.


Visitors and residents alike will be pleased that there will be more room for more Collingwood events with the improvements to Millennium Park that will happen during phase two. Easier access to swimming in Millennium Park will also be available with a proposed swimming dock in the plan.

Beer drinkers will be happy to know a brewpub will be opened next to the grain terminals, as well as LED lights to light up the harbourfront. The town also plans to add about 340 parking spaces during this phase.

Phase three

Phase three, the final phase, should include improvements to Sidelaunch Way, an expanded amphitheatre and more docks for boaters. This phase won’t begin for another 13 years, with completion by 2034.

The next 18 years holds a lot of promise for Collingwood’s waterfront, with some great advances and improvements that will not only make this city one of the best waterfront cities in the province to live in, but also to visit.

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