Practical Ways to Get Your Collingwood Home Ready for Autumn

After a long hot summer, the refreshingly cool hints of autumn are finally starting to roll through Collingwood. As every Collingwood resident will be happy to point out, autumn in Collingwood is a gorgeous time. The Saturday Downtown Farmer’s Market is overflowing with delicious local bounties from the harvest and the local trails are in the surrounding Blue Mountain area are particularly gorgeous in brilliant shades of yellow, red and orange.


Despite all the natural wonders that abound, taking a little time to ensure that you Collingwood home is fully ready for the change in season will help ensure that everybody feels just as warm and cozy indoors as they do refreshed and relaxed when spending time outdoors.


These great tips will help Collingwood homeowners ensure that they are getting the most out of the lovely sights and smells of the upcoming fall season in the Blue Mountains.


Check the Home for Leaks or Drafts


As summer gradually rolls into fall, Collingwood residents should take the time to check their homes from top to bottom to make sure that there is no unwanted airflow seeping in from outdoors. After all, nobody wants to have to deal with fixing a leak during those chilly winter months.

Collingwood residents can either inspect the home themselves or hire a professional home inspector to ensure that the entire living quarters are well-sealed off and ready for a change in temperature. If you choose to inspect your home by yourself, be sure to take the time to feel out all the windows and doors, regardless of how frequently they are used.



Inspect the Roof


Another key area to inspect for leaks and damage before the colder months set in is the roof of the home. If you choose to do this job yourself, just be sure to take all the proper measures to ensure your safety while walking on the roof. Keep an eye out for any piles of debris, cracks or damaged tiling.


Don’t forget to clean all the gutters using a high powered hose so that they are completely free of leaves or any other debris that could obstruct the flow of water from the roof area.


Trim Back Any Excess Foliage


Summer provides the ultimate growing conditions that your Collingwood home’s foliage and greenery need to thrive, but this also means that homeowners can sometimes get more than they bargained if they find themselves tripped up by excessive the excessive growth of any front or backyard shrubs, trees or greenery. At worst case, plants growing out of control can even lead to foundational damage of the home itself.


These last warm days are the perfect time to get outside and trim back all of that greenery, but be sure to pay special attention to trees that might be getting too close to the home or surrounding power lines.