Local Food Movement

In 2018, the importance of supporting local food growth and local farmers is more important than ever. With technology allowing food to be imported quickly and efficiently, the need for the small town local farmer is slowly dying off, but not from a community perspective. Let’s work together to support our farmers and build up the Collingwood community by promoting the local food movement: shop local, eat local, share local.  Here’s how you can get involved:

Grow Your Own Food

One of the most efficient and easily accomplished things you can do to encourage local food consumption is to grow your own food. Having food of your own to eat, such as garden vegetables like peas, carrots, and beets, means you are not having to purchase these products from an imported source. And while you may think one person not buying imported goods won’t make a difference, when we each do our share, the impact can be significant. Plus, an added bonus: when you grow it yourself, you can guarantee the quality and make-up of the food and avoid any nasty chemicals or pesticides.

Use the Community Garden

If you want to grow your own food, but don’t have the space on your own property, why not apply for a space at the community garden? Managed by Free Spirit Gardens, the organization has several garden plots which are available for approved applicants to lease on a seasonal basis. Simply apply for your plot and make your garden plan! From there you can tend to your garden for the entire season as well as take advantage of assistance and resources offered by the organization which help you improve your crop and really flex your green thumb!

Visit the Farmers Market

If you can’t grow your own food, the next best thing is getting it from the local farmers.  Every Saturday, Collingwood hosts a farmer’s market, made up of over seventy different vendors.  Offering everything from vegetables and fruit, to arts, crafts, and coffee, the market is a great way to get local food, not to mention a great way to spend your Saturday morning.  Meet up with some friends and cultivate a sense of community as you join together to support the local food movement.

Support Local Farmers

When it comes down to being local however, nothing paints a more realistic picture of what it means and why it is important than the farmers themselves. Take some time over the incoming harvest season to get to know the farmers that bring you the food. Whether it is that you talk to them at the farmers market, arrange to visit the farm, or call them up and ask questions, most farmers are more than happy to tell you more about what they do, how they do it and why they need community support. Buying local is crucial to the longevity of the farmers, but also to the success of the community.

This spring, make the most of the amazing farming region that Collingwood is lucky to be a part of and make the most of your community experience at the same time.  When we all work together towards a common goal, we call get to reap the community benefits.