Collingwood Youth Centre

Whether you are new to the community, or you have lived here for a long time, the Collingwood Youth Centre definitely needs your attention. Not your attention as in something is wrong, but your attention as in let’s take some time to look at this wonderful asset to the city of Collingwood and celebrate what it does, see what it offers and understand how you can take advantage of all that is the Collingwood Youth Centre.

Why is it here?

The main objective of the Collingwood Youth Centre is to help youth, ages 10-16, “build the skills that will take you where you want to go.” Whether that is skills in social interaction, skills in specific jobs and training, or specialized skills in personal development, the centre seeks to act as a place to meet all of these needs. Designed to help the city invest in its youth, it acts as a safe and welcoming hub for the youth of Collingwood, and a place that offers both work and play, in an educational environment. The are opportunities to develop employable skills to allow individuals to go out in the community and find a job; there are activities and events to encourage youth to get involved in the community; and perhaps most importantly, there are resources for alternative choices when it comes to offering help to you youth who spend time on the streets or tend to get in trouble with the law.

What does it do?

The centre offers a selection of programming including a technology centre and recording studio, a teaching kitchen, and lots of open space for educating, facilitating and learning. The goal of the programming is to allow for a balance of fun and socialization, while still encouraging youth to pursue personal development, learn life skills and gain training in specific job-based skills. In addition, there are regularly scheduled special events and field trips, and of course, you can always just drop in and come hang out with fun people on comfy couches! Drop in is held weekdays from 3:30 to 9pm, Saturdays 12-8pm and Sundays 12-6pm.

Can I get involved?

Please do! Come drop in and say hi any day of the week. If you are looking for specific resources, such as help with employment, would like to talk to an open, willing-to-listen adult, or are interested in options related to improving your health and wellness, visit the website to learn more. In addition, you can find out how you can volunteer and help out at CYC, or just get some more information about this amazing place that is a mainstay of the Collingwood community.


Welcome to the The Collingwood Youth Centre: another amazing component that makes up this great city we get to call home.