Collingwood Winter Farmer’s Market

Many of us Collingwood residents were sad to see summer come and go and along with it, the summer farmer’s market, held downtown every weekend. But, the good news is that the Collingwood Winter Farmers Market is going to be in full swing starting this weekend! It won’t be at its regular spot downtown, but instead it will be located at the Trinity United Church at 140 Maple Street in Collingwood.

Make your way over the Winter market every Saturday from 10am until 1pm every Saturday. The market will run until February 24th and from then until the Summer market reopens, you’ll have to settle for other ways of getting your local produce, baked goods, coffee, meat and so much more. The regular market reopens on May 6 at 10am and is a 100-mile market.

For the winter market, you can expect to buy local winter vegetables and produce, along with other items sourced or crafted in the Collingwood area.

The Trinity United Church in Collingwood also hosts a number of events, which means that on some weekends, the farmer’s market won’t take place. In addition to their regular church service, they also offer special events a space to take place.

In addition to the market, upcoming events include a romance and reality night, which is a speaker panel with free admission and open seating, although a ticket is required. Another day of exploring happens on November 4th called The Way Forward.

The 17th annual craft sale is happening on October 28th, which means while you can’t get your winter produce, you can get some great local crafts. On October 21st, their twice-yearly mom to mom sale will be held. Great for moms with kids of all ages, you can either sell or buy (or do both) and get some great deals on gently-used items for kids and their moms.

They also hold potlucks, strawberry suppers, silent auctions, country hoedowns, bbqs, dances, pancake suppers and so much more! The farmer’s market is just one of the very special events happening at the church.



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