4 Ways to Stay Active This Winter in Collingwood

When snow is falling and the temperature is freezing, it can be hard to have the motivation to get out of the house and move your body. Regular exercise is essential to both your physical and mental health and should be a priority. Luckily, there are many fun and engaging options in Collingwood to keep you active, healthy, and happy. Here are four of them. 


1. Snowshoe Raid Adventure Run


Start training now for the three-hour Snowshoe Raid Adventure Run at the Blue Mountain Resort. In this race, your team of two will travel on and off trails in the Blue Mountains. Your goal is to reach a checkpoint and the more checkpoints you reach in the three hours, the more points you will receive. The race is January 18 and begins at 11:00 a.m. Visit the Don’t Get Lost website to learn more about registration, race rules, and the race-day schedule. 


2. Yoga


Yoga offers a long list of health benefits including increased flexibility, strength, weight management, improvement to your cardiovascular health, and so much more. In Collingwood, there are many yoga studios around town with multiple classes to help you reap the benefits of this form of exercise. A few that you may consider include: 


Buddha Rider – located at 136 Paul Street

True Life Yoga – located at 75 Dillon Drive

Yoga Journey – located at 43 Elgin Street 3rd Floor


3. Gym 


If you simply want to run on the treadmill or lift weights, there are many gyms located in Collingwood where you can go to get fit. You will want to explore each option to find a location that is near you and that offers the amenities that you desire. A few gyms and fitness centers located in Collingwood include The Northwood Club, Anytime Fitness, Tag Fitness, and the YMCA Centre.


4. CrossFit


CrossFit is a popular form of physical exercise in the Collingwood area. This workout will not only challenge your body but it will challenge your mind as well. It will help to build both your cardiovascular health, as well as your strength. There are several CrossFit options for you around the city, allowing you to find a location that is near to your home and convenient. Two CrossFit gyms in the Collingwood area include CrossFit Indestri and Crossfit Mozomo.  


Just because winter has arrived, it doesn’t mean you should be lazy. Which of the above activities do you regularly enjoy?