4 Must-Try Fall Vegetables


While summer may be winding down, there’s nothing to be disappointed about with fall soon to follow. In fact, fall brings with it its own set of unique characteristics and exciting opportunities, not the least of which is delicious fall foods.  From apple pie to pumpkin soup, freshly roasted vegetables, and pear crisp. The season’s produce offering is delightful and it presents a great opportunity to support your local community and farmers, not to mention, to try something new.  Here are some of fall’s must try foods!


Kabocha Squash

You have likely heard of buttercup squash, and butternut squash, and are fully familiar with the decorative squash variety, more commonly known as gourds. But a less common variety, that you may be interested in trying is kabocha squash. It is distinctive from other varieties due to its orange skin, and when cut and roasted behaves very similarly to buttercup squash.  This makes it a great roasting option, as well as perfect to turn into puree for dinner or for desserts.



This firm, root vegetable, available in purple and white varieties has a similar texture to carrots and is high in fibre. It is ideal or enjoying raw, cut up into sticks, making it the perfect addition to your slew of raw veggies which you enjoy every week for lunch or snack.  You can cook it slightly in a stir fry, letting it gently sauté, but it is not at its best when boiled or mashed.


Brussel Sprouts

Perhaps not new, but have you tried these mini cabbage delights? Brussel sprouts get a bad rap, with many people assuming they won’t like them, and yet never giving them a fair chance! This season, make the new vegetable you try be Brussel sprouts! From the same family as kale, broccoli and cabbage, sprouts are full of fibre and B vitamins, and are a great addition to stir fries. They go well when coated in balsamic vinegar, salt, rosemary and a hint of maple, before roasting them in the oven. This season, before you dismiss the humble sprout, give it another chance!


Winter Greens

Getting adequate greens intake is important for iron levels, fibre, magnesium, Vitamin K, Vitamin B and much more. But Instead of relying on your typical spinach or lettuce, mix things up and opt for winter greens options instead. Kale is a hearty green that is great for salads, soups or to steam, while mustard greens are another option to add to a fresh salad with warm pumpkin and sweet potato. Make your own dressing, and serve on a large plate at a dinner party and everyone will be able to take full advantage of the goodness of flavour and health.


Each season presents a new array of vegetables and fruit to try, and choosing in season options is a great way to eat locally. Head to the farmer’s market and ask your local farmers what is in season and then use their advice and these suggestions to craft the perfect fall food selection.