Ways to Make Your Collingwood House More Eco-Friendly

How environmentally-friendly is your Collingwood home? There are many benefits to having an eco-friendly house. It will not only save you money on your monthly energy bills—it will also help save the planet! Plus, by implementing environmentally-friendly practices in your home, you are helping your entire family develop excellent habits as well. 


How can you make your home more eco-friendly? It doesn’t require extensive projects or major upgrades. In fact, there are several practices you can implement in an afternoon. 


Here are just a few ways to make your Collingwood house more eco-friendly. 


Have Houseplants


Houseplants are a terrific way to spruce up your indoor space. They add rich greenery and colour. Plus, houseplants offer many health benefits including an increase in energy levels and they can boost your creativity and productivity. These plants also clean the air, remove toxins, and help your entire family breathe a little easier. 


Use LED Light Bulbs


What type of lightbulb do you use throughout your home? LED light bulbs not only use less energy but they also last longer. They do not get as hot as other types of lightbulbs and still offer ample light. With these lightbulbs, you will not only receive better performance, but a lower electricity bill as well. 


Be Smart About Your Water Usage

You may be surprised at how much water your family is consuming each day. This amount can go up significantly during the spring and summer months when you are frequently watering your yard. Make it a goal to cut back on water usage. For example, encourage your family to take shorter showers. You may consider changing some of your landscaping so there is less for you to water. You should also strive to only run the washing machine or dishwasher when your loads are full. 


Install Solar Panels


If you have the budget and truly want to make a difference, consider installing solar panels on your home. There are many benefits to these products and they can drastically cut down on your energy usage each month. However, be mindful that you will have significant upfront costs to install the panels. 


Use the Right Cleaners


What type of cleaner are you using around your home? Natural cleaners are ideal if you want a more eco-friendly home. These cleaners only use natural ingredients so they will not harm the environment. They also can improve your health by protecting your circulatory system and will not hurt your skin if it comes in contact with it. Plus, these cleaners are often less expensive or similar in price to other types of cleaners. 


There are many things you can do to make your Collingwood home more environmentally-friendly. Use the above tips to get started.