Tips to Get Your Collingwood Garden Growing

With spring on the way here in Collingwood, it’s time to start thinking about that garden. Gardening is a great activity. You get lots of fresh air and can get back in touch with Mother Nature. Planning your garden can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you are starting from scratch. Here are a few tips to get your garden growing in the right direction.


Know Your Layout

Take some time to walk around your garden and get to know the layout. Take note of where the sun falls and flows throughout the day. This will be important in plant and flower selection. It would also help if you did a rough sketch of the garden. Look for areas that need added soil. If you plan on planting any fruits and vegetables, it would be a wise idea to do a soil test for pH level. Lastly, list any current plants that are there.


Plan It Out

Determine what your style and garden goals are, keeping in mind the three Collingwood seasons your plants will have to weather. Your garden is going to change as the months pass by. Look up some images or create a Pinterest board for inspiration. Start to imagine how your ideal garden looks. Pick your favourite colours. The planning and daydreaming is the fun part!


Start Small. Add Later.

Daydreaming is fun, but when it comes time to actually dig the dirt, you need to stay in reality. Building your garden will take time, especially if it is large. You want to start with smaller plants initially to get you started. Once you’ve decided on your design, scale it back. Start with a few plants or vegetables. You can always add more next year.

Get the Right Tools for the Job


Having the proper tools will help make your gardening experience so much more enjoyable. But you don’t need to go overboard. Those gardening sections in the stores will have you think you need to take a second mortgage on your house! A few basics will do. You’ll need a shovel, gardening gloves, trowel and wedging tool, hose and spray nozzle, and a hand pruning tool. That should be enough to get you started.

Buy Your Flowers and Dig Away


When you shop for flowers, remember to have a good mix of annuals and perennials. You don’t want to have to redo the whole garden every single year. Mix and match different plant styles and colours, but stick to your original vision. Get Dirty. The really fun part is seeing all your hard work come to life.