Lock it or Lose it!

Summer is here and while that means BBQs, beach time and blooms all around, it also means thieves are out prowling your neighbourhood. Summer is the time of year where thefts from automobiles, garages and yards go up. This makes sense considering the weather is nice and people tend to leave out things like bicycles, yard equipment and more in the nice weather. As well, statistics show that thieves are more likely to be out and about when it is nice. It is proven that thefts go down on rainy and stormy days too. Just this weekend, a number of vehicles in Collingwood were entered and wallets, cash and a computer were stolen!

How can you protect yourself?

The answer is very simple – lock your doors. Many police organizations encourage residents to lock it or lose it. The reason for this is also simple – most thieves who steal from easy-access areas like unlocked vehicles or open garages aren’t looking to spend time breaking in. They want to open a door, take your stuff and run off. Breaking into a vehicle takes time and makes the risk of getting caught much higher. Breaking a window or having to pick a lock just to get a wallet or phone from someone’s vehicle isn’t worth it for these types of thieves.

You’ll also want to ensure that you don’t leave your garage doors open while you are out, inside or away from the front of your house. More advanced thieves sometimes prowl neighbourhoods looking for these opportunities to steal tools or automotive equipment from your garage. Thieves on foot might also take this opportunity to steal your bike, radio or other valuables.

lock your cars in collingwood
lock your cars in collingwood

What if I forget?

Many people use the excuse that they didn’t lock their vehicle because they forgot. It is very easy to do, especially if you are carrying in groceries, screaming toddlers or had a frazzled day at work and just want to get to that glass of wine. But, if you are parking at a mall, at work or another venue, do you ever forget to lock your vehicle? In the same way that you remember to lock your vehicle away from your home, you can remember to lock it when you get home. Make it a habit to lock your car every time you leave it and you’ll be happy with the results. You’ll also want to ensure your windows are done up to the top, so it isn’t easy for the  thief to get their hands in and unlock the vehicle themselves.

As well, don’t ever leave anything of value in your vehicle. That way, if you do forget to lock it, the thieves will have wasted their time rummaging through your vehicle. Thieves have stolen valuable items like passports, wallets filled with cash and credit cards, expensive GPS units and more from people who didn’t lock up and left it for the taking. When you lock your doors at night before bed, consider if your car is secure as well.

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