How to Coyote-Proof Your Yard

More and more coyotes are encroaching on people’s land in Collingwood and this article will detail how to keep them away from you, your pets and your garbage.

With spring here, we see more and more animals coming out of the woodworks and possibly encroaching on your yard. While coyotes are active all year, they become much more active in the spring when the babies are born. While we do need to live in harmony with these animals, there are ways you can protect your yard and your pets.

Human Attacks

Humans don’t need to worry as much as true coyote attacks are rare and there have been very few fatalities resulting from coyote attacks. In fact, there have been no incidents of coyotes attacking humans in Ontario at all. What coyotes are after is small prey like your small dog or cat, so you’ll need to be extra vigilant in protecting them.

Protecting your Pet

The biggest threat to your pet’s well-being is by being left alone outside in an area frequented by coyotes. Outdoor cats have been known to not make it back home after being successfully stalked and killed by coyotes. You’ll probably know it too as coyotes are very vocal when they’ve captured prey and cats are very vocal when attacked. Your best line of defense is to not let your cat be free to roam outdoors, especially at night. For your dog, always ensure your backyard doesn’t have anyone lurking about before letting them out (this will protect them against skunks too!). When you are going for walks, ensure your dog is leashed, as some dogs upon seeing a coyote may rush after it, setting itself up for a nasty attack. This is especially true in the spring and late winter when coyotes are protecting their babies and will attack upon feeling threatened by your dog.


Fences will help to keep coyotes out of your yard, but they have to be large and sturdy. The fence itself should be six feet tall and go into the ground at least six inches. Coyote rollers can help, but they are super expensive. Take a look around your property regularly to ensure no one has been digging underneath your fence and make sure all gates are kept closed, especially at night.


Coyotes are opportunistic eaters and will eat most small animals like mice, groundhogs and rabbits, but they also won’t pass up your tasty leftovers. To prevent coyotes from roaming your neighbourhood, keep all garbage inside where they can’t get to it. This will also help with other scavengers who don’t mind ripping open your garbage and strewing it across your lawn.

Lights & Noise

Protect your yard from any unwanted creature, including coyotes by using flashing sensor lights that will come on and scare the animal away if they happen to enter your yard. This is also great for scaring away thieves who might be trying to break into your home or vehicle. Noisemakers also work well to keep an animal away from your yard, so hang up that beautiful wind chime and feel some sense of protection from it.

Coyotes and other wildlife share our beautiful area with us and trapping or killing them is not the answer. These tips will help you live peacefully with these great animals.