Handy Tips to Keep Your Collingwood Home Cool in Summer Without AC

There are plenty of good reasons for Collingwood residents to get smart about energy usage this summer.


Firstly, air conditioning isn’t exactly environmentally-friendly, so it is important to use it only when necessary. Of course, nobody should every sacrifice their own health in the name of energy conservation, but it is also important to question the habit of automatically turning to air conditioning when there are other effective ways to cool down available.


The second and most practical reason to use less air conditioning is to save money. Air conditioning units are costly to run and can easily rack up an energy bill. You will be surprised how much you can save just by trying out a few of these energy-efficient solutions to help cool your home.


With all that in mind, here are some handy solutions to help Collingwood residents keep their energy costs low and their house cool without having to turn to air conditioning as often for relief this summer.


Close Those Blinds


While it can be tempting to let all that lovely sunshine in, but unfortunately the sun’s rays are a major contributor to excess exergy usage during those hot summer months. The best policy to ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable without having to resort to cranking that air conditioning is to keep all those windows covered.


It can also be worthwhile to invest in fitting every window with a set of blackout curtains or blinds. Many of these window fixtures, particularly the blinds, integrate seamlessly with other types of window dressing so there is no need to scrap your interior styling just to keep the heat out.


The loss of natural light can easily be made up with the use of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), which won’t generate heat. That said, always avoid using incandescent bulbs, which give off heat to run and are a major energy waster.


Get the Most Out of Your Fans


Before reaching for the air conditioning, it is a good idea to check in to make sure that a simple fan wouldn’t be effective enough to handle the heat. This includes making use of those integrated bathroom and kitchen fans to clear out excess heat generated from showering and cooking.



Some other nifty hacks include setting ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise and placing a bowl of ice water in front of a standing fan in order to generate a refreshing cool mist.


Lastly, don’t be afraid to open the windows when the air is cool. A good time to let some fresh air in is typically in the evening, overnight or just after a summer rain. The fans will help to circulate that cool fresh air all around your home in no time.


Change Your Body Temperature, Not the Room Temperature


Before jumping to change the temperature in the home, why not start at square one and focus on your own body temperature?


Keep a pitcher of iced lemonade handy in the refrigerator to cool your body from the inside out and replenish any lost electrolytes. Switch your sheets to light and breathable cotton to help you keep cool during the night.


Another ingenious way to lower your body temperature, and get your blood pumping is with a classic cold shower. If you find yourself continually overheating throughout the day, keep a bowl of cold or ice water around to periodically dip your feet into.