Collingwood Low-Cost Rabies Clinics

Keeping your animal up-to-date on all of their shots is super important. It is the only way to limit the spread of some nasty diseases that can make your animal (and others) very sick and even be fatal. Rabies is one of those diseases where it is actually mandatory that your dog or cat be vaccinated for. The cost of pet ownership can be high and sometimes the cost of the required needles can be out of some pet owner’s reach. It is for this reason that many cities put on low-cost Rabies clinics.

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit is participating in the organization of low-cost Rabies clinics throughout our area, with one located right here in Collingwood. Costs vary, but range from $20 – $25, depending on which veterinarian you choose.

What is Rabies?

Remember the movie Cujo? That dog certainly had Rabies. A viral disease, spread from other animals, usually through bites or scratches, it causes inflammation of the brain and always results in death. Rabies can also be transmitted through saliva, if it comes into contact with the other animal’s eyes, mouth or nose. Humans can also be infected with Rabies, which is why prevention is so important. Globally, Rabies is most often spread by dog bites, but because of solid efforts to eradicate Rabies in North America, it is rare for dogs to have it. Instead, bat bites are the most common source of Rabies here.

Either way, all domestic animals are required to be vaccinated for the Rabies virus and clinics such as these help to prevent the spread of this nasty disease. Once you’ve contracted Rabies, it is possible to vaccinate after exposure, but your chances of survival will diminish.

Where are the clinics in our area?

All clinics in our area are held on Wednesday September 28th.

  • Wasaga Beach Veterinary Clinic –from 9am to 2pm – $20
  • Abernant Veterinary Services – from 2pm to 7pm – $25
  • Balsam Veterinary Office – from 2pm to 5:30pm – $25
  • Bellbrae Animal Hospital – from 2pm to 7pm – $25
  • Creemore Veterinary Services – from 2pm to 7pm – $25

Of Note

You can only pay with cash at these clinics as they don’t have access to debit or credit. All prices include taxes, so this will be a flat fee. All animals need to be restrained with a leash or carrier and they all have to be at least three months of age.