Should You Paint Your House Before Selling It?

The answer to this question is yes. A fresh coat of paint is the most affordable way of making sure your property looks cleaner, newer, and like it has been maintained for some time. When you have scuffed or dirty paint on the walls, it may reduce your home’s overall resale value. However, it isn’t just the paint of your house that affects its overall value; it is also what color you choose that matters.

Colors to Avoid and Colors to Use

To get the highest possible price for your property, try to avoid colours that are too extreme or bright. While courage and creativity are excellent traits, they’re not rewarded well in the real estate market. Potential buyers must imagine their furniture and decor inside of your property. If your property is painted in colours like burnt sienna or sunset orange, it will make it infinitely harder for the potential buyers to imagine it as their own.

Mint Green for Kitchens

You may not know this, but buyers tend to offer $1,800 less for a home that has a kitchen painted in a trendy colour such as mint green. You must also avoid the color red as it can potentially reduce $1,500 from the overall price paid off your house, on average. Yellow is another colour you must avoid as it doesn’t settle well with potential home buyers. A colour that does well for kitchens is white.

Bright Green for Bathrooms

If you have your bathrooms painted in a bright green color, you might repel a lot of sellers. On average, typical home buyers tend to steer clear from vibrant colours used in a bathroom and prefer going for more neutral and calming hues in a room they will bathe and brush in the morning. Avoid other colors such as pink, bright yellow, and fire engine red. These are also colors that are less likely to help sell a house. Try going for light blues for bathrooms instead as they can on average, causing buyers to pay 1.6% more for a property.

Blue for Living Rooms

Did you know that when blue is used for property living rooms, it can lower its overall value by $189? Yes, there have been instances of homebuyers loving it, but most prefer to steer clear of it. Homebuyers also prefer colors used in a house that complement colors are used in every room. In general, there should be one theme followed throughout the house in terms of color palettes. Other colors that you should avoid for living rooms are bright yellow, bright green, and pink. Try going for gray when it comes to living rooms. It offers a calming ambiance that homebuyers love, and it gives them a chance to use statement colors for wall art and furniture with a neutral background.

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