See The Salmon Run Event

One of the best things about the Collingwood area is the beautiful abundance of water and wildlife we have. The second best thing is the number of great, family-friendly events we have. The See the Salmon Run event celebrates our environmental diversity and is the perfect opportunity to get educated about the Blue Mountain Watershed. This event happens on September 23rd from 11am until 4pm at 609830 12th Sideroad in the Town of Blue Mountains. It is just west of the intersection of 6th Street and Grey Road 19 (also known as Osler Bluff Road). There is onsite parking for hundreds of attendees.

Every year, salmon make their way up Silver Creek on their annual spawning ground. It is a beautiful and incredible sight to see and definitely something that should not be missed. Silver Creek is an important part of the watershed and is one of our regions few cold water streams, which makes it very unique and it recently got the designation of being provincially significant. This was based on the water purity, temperature and the fact that it is a spot for migrating fish. It is also an important spot for migrating birds and is the only remaining coastal wetland in south Georgian Bay.

The event is being put on by the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust Silver Creek Stewardship Initiative, which launched in 2016 to raise awareness about the creek and protect our area’s wetlands.

The day starts off with a 20-minute self-guided hike through the woods at Silver Creek. You can watch the salmon as they swim upstream. Along the way, you’ll hear from conservation experts from Ontario Streams, who will educate you on fish spawning and migration. Kids will love the fish passports, which will be stamped at each stop!

Afterwards, you can enjoy a true gourmet lunch put on by Men with Knives and there will be local beer available from the Collingwood Brewery. The kids lunch is absolutely free, which is even more incentive to come on out.

After lunch, the kids will enjoy the inflatable salmon, turtle and gut hut as well as games, crafts and zorbs for climbing and bouncing.

Tickets will be $10 and lunch for adults will also cost $10. Pints of beer will be $5.